List of States Where Virat Kohli is More Popular than Rohit Sharma – Who is more popular Virat or Rohit

Rohit lifting Virat Kohli 2022,States Where Virat Kohli is more than Rohit Sharma

In this intriguing collection, we look at cricket giants Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma’s regional preferences across different Indian states and union territories. The figures show how many people in each area choose Virat Kohli over Rohit Sharma. This list will include the list of States Where Virat Kohli is more Popular than Rohit Sharma.

Cricket, being more than simply a sport in India, often provokes heated arguments and conversations, and this data gives a unique glimpse into the popularity dynamics of these two well-known players. From Karnataka to Bihar, Mizoram to Uttar Pradesh, data show various levels of affection for Virat Kohli, presenting a vivid picture of the country’s diverse cricketing affiliations.

Let’s look at the stats and see where Virat Kohli’s charm outshines Rohit Sharma’s.

List of States Where Virat Kohli is more Popular than Rohit Sharma

StatesPercentage of people who like Virat Kohli in between them
Jammu and Kashmir79%
West Bengal79%
Andaman and Nicobar Islands*75%
Tamil Nadu74%
Andhra Pradesh73%
Uttarakhand 73%
Haryana 73%
Arunachal Pradesh73%
Daman and Diu*72%
Uttar Pradesh71%
Madhya Pradesh71%
Himachal Pradesh70%
Dadra and Nagar Haveli* 69%
*Union Teritories
States Where Virat is more than Rohit


According to the research, the proportion of individuals who prefer Virat Kohli over Rohit Sharma is greater in Karnataka, Mizoram, and Chandigarh, with 81%, 81%, and 80%, respectively. These states show a high preference for Virat Kohli as compared to the other regions mentioned.

Bihar, on the other hand, had the lowest proportion, with just 68% of respondents preferring Virat Kohli over Rohit Sharma. It is noteworthy to observe that cricket player preferences vary throughout Indian states.

In conclusion, Virat Kohli seems to be more popular than Rohit Sharma in the majority of the listed states, with preferences ranging from 68% to 81%. Cricket fandom is broad, and these geographical variances show the Indian population’s changing sports interests.


We got the help of Google Trends to create this list. By performing a name search on the website, you may find out how popular is a player. Their names are shown in the table above.

Let us know your thoughts about this position on the list of States Where Virat Kohli is more than Rohit Sharma. You can leave a comment below if you discover any errors with our scale or the content. Your views and opinions on this subject are quite welcome. Describe your viewpoint in the comments section below. Don’t forget to read some of the associated blogs for more details on the IPL 2023 squad of players from other nations.

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Question and Answer

Who is more popular in India among Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma?

Virat Kohli is more popular than Rohit Sharma in India.

In how many states Virat Kohli is more popular than Rohit Sharma?

Virat Kohli is more popular than Rohit Sharma in 28 states.

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