10 Countries where boxing is most popular

Countries where boxing is most popular

When I consider boxing’s global appeal, I’m impressed by how this sport, with its raw intensity and strategic depth, captures followers from all over the world. Because of my own interest in boxing, I’ve been intrigued to learn which countries are the most enthusiastic about the sport. Here is a list of the top 10 Countries where boxing is most popular.

Join me on a voyage across the top ten nations where boxing reigns supreme, each with its own flavour and passion for the sweet science.

Countries where boxing is most popular

RankingCountry Name
8New Zealand
3Puerto Rico
1United Kingdom
10 Countries where boxing is a popular sport

10. Australia is the 10th Country where boxing is the most popular sport.

Boxing in Australia has steadily grown in popularity over the years, with an increase in both participation and spectatorship. Boxing has a long history, reaching back to the early 1800s, and it has become an important element of Australian sporting culture. The country has produced notable champions such as Jeff Fenech, Lionel Rose, and, most recently, Anthony Mundine and Jeff Horn, whose victories have sparked widespread interest and appreciation. Furthermore, the creation of several boxing academies and training facilities throughout the country has sparked interest among aspiring athletes. The sport’s popularity is also seen in the increased viewership of televised contests and attendance at live events, demonstrating boxing’s long-term appeal in Australia’s athletic environment.

9. Russia is among the Countries where boxing is most popular.

As I dig into the fascinating world of boxing, I’m impressed by the sport’s widespread popularity in Russia. Russian boxing, also known as “Kulachniy Boy,” has a long history dating back to the 13th century and is an important part of the country’s martial arts culture. Despite numerous bans and restrictions over the ages, the sport has thrived, with important personalities such as Count Orlov and Peter the Great noted for participating in fist fights. Today, Russia has produced some world-class boxers, such Gassiev and Usyk, who have achieved international success. The country’s love of boxing is reflected in the countless regional heroes and champions who have emerged throughout the years, with Tula being particularly well-known for its legendary fighters.

8. New Zealand is the 8th-ranked Country where boxing is the most popular sport.

Boxing retains a special place in the hearts of many New Zealanders, as seen by its continued popularity throughout the country. With a long history extending back to the early twentieth century, the sport has developed a devoted following. The advent of local boxing heroes like Joseph Parker and David Tua has greatly increased its attraction, catching the attention of both enthusiasts and casual spectators. Furthermore, the sport’s accessibility and inclusivity have resulted in a strong community of practitioners and fans.

Amateur boxing clubs dot the terrain, developing talent from the grassroots up to international competition. Notably, the New Zealand national boxing team has achieved success on the international level, bolstering the country’s standing in the sport. Boxing continues to have a strong presence in New Zealand’s sporting culture, whether it’s the thrill of a local match or the excitement of rooting for national champions.

7. Uzbekistan is the 7th Country where boxing is the most popular sport.

As I consider the popularity of boxing in Uzbekistan, I am struck by the incredible accomplishments of the country’s boxers. Boxing has become a source of national pride in Uzbekistan, with the country collecting seven medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics, including three golds. This achievement is based on improvements implemented following the 2012 London Olympics, where the national boxing team finished 16th with only one bronze medal. The team’s triumphs, especially against perennial powerhouse Cuba, sparked a rush of patriotism. Boxing is becoming one of the most popular sports in Uzbekistan, with the country’s top contenders honing their talents at the Buka Gym in Tashkent, where they are coached by seasoned professionals.

6. Czechia is among the Countries where boxing is most popular.

Boxing has gained a significant following in Czechia, with the general public showing an increasing interest in combat sports. While boxing is not as deeply ingrained in the country’s sporting culture as football or ice hockey, it has progressively grown in popularity, thanks in part to the international success of Czech boxers. Lukáš Konečný and Václav Pejsar have popularised the sport, creating a new generation of aficionados. Furthermore, the growth of boxing clubs and gyms throughout cities and villages demonstrates true grassroots interest. While boxing does not dominate headlines, its presence in Czechia is undeniable, illustrating a diversified sporting landscape that goes beyond conventional favourites.

Czechia is among the Countries where boxing is most popular
Czechia is among the Countries where boxing is most popular

5. Ireland is the 5th-ranked Country where boxing is the most popular sport.

Boxing is an indelible aspect of Irish culture, and its popularity throughout the country is clear. Boxing has been a fixture of Irish entertainment since its inception, with the Emerald Isle producing many of the world’s best boxers. Ireland has produced Olympic gold medalists, world champions, and Hall of Fame members, including great figures such as Fred Tiedmann, Harry Cregan, Steve Collins, and Wayne McCullough. Today, Irish boxers continue to excel at the highest levels, with legends such as Carl Frampton, Katie Taylor, Michael Conlan, and Jason Quigley dominating the sport. The country’s strong boxing tradition reflects the perseverance and determination of Irish fighters, who have regularly produced world-class talent over the years.

4. Ukraine is among the Countries where boxing is most popular.

Boxing in Ukraine has grown in popularity over the last few decades, cementing its place as one of the country’s most popular sports. Ukraine has a long history of producing world-class boxers, and the country has continually made an impression on the international stage. Notable fighters such as the Klitschko brothers, Oleksandr Usyk, and Vasyl Lomachenko have not only won several world championships, but have also inspired a new generation of competitors.

The sport’s popularity is demonstrated by the enthusiastic support provided by Ukrainian fans at big boxing events both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, boxing gyms are common throughout the country, providing ambitious boxers with the facilities and training they need to succeed in the sport. The success of Ukrainian boxers, together with the devotion of their supporters, continues to propel boxing to new heights in the country, establishing its status as a cultural phenomenon.

3. Puerto Rico is the 3rd Country where boxing is the most popular sport.

I’ve always been intrigued by the popularity of boxing in Puerto Rico. It is a sport that holds a special place in the hearts of Puerto Ricans, and with good cause. Not only have they produced some of the world’s best boxers, but they have themselves excelled in the sport, garnering international recognition and countless championships. Indeed, respected magazines such as Ring Magazine rank Puerto Rico as the top boxing nation in the world, pound for pound. With 13 Puerto Ricans inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, it is apparent that the island has a strong boxing tradition. Furthermore, the government has established legislation to pay pensions and other benefits to retiring boxers, indicating Puerto Rico’s strong cultural and nationalistic pride in boxing.

2. Kazakhstan is the 2nd-ranked Country where boxing is the most popular sport.

Boxing plays an important role in Kazakhstan’s sporting landscape and is firmly ingrained in our culture. Kazakhstan has a long history of producing world-class boxers and has emerged as a sporting powerhouse on a global scale. Names like Gennady Golovkin and Serik Sapiyev have won Olympic gold, encouraging future boxers. The sport’s popularity is demonstrated by the enormous support it enjoys across the country, from grassroots clubs to national championships. The government’s investment in boxing infrastructure and development programmes strengthens its position in our country’s athletic identity. It is more than just a sport; it is a source of pride and solidarity in Kazakhstan, inspiring hopes of greatness both domestically and internationally.

1. The United Kingdom is the top Country where boxing is the most popular sport.

I’m thrilled to offer my thoughts on boxing’s popularity in the United Kingdom. With almost 493,000 boxers in the UK as of 2021, it is apparent that the sport has a large following. In fact, boxing is one of the most popular martial arts in the country, with over 1,000 clubs catering to all ages and genders. The sport has a long history, extending back more than 5,000 years to ancient Egypt, and has been a part of British society since the 17th century.

Boxing is no longer just a competitive activity; it is also a popular form of fitness and a safe outlet for energy and frustration. Boxing has been used positively in the UK to combat gang culture and rising knife crime, with charities such as Gloves Up Knives Down, Boxing Futures, and Fight 4 Change using the sport to improve people’s lives.

The United Kingdom is the top Country where boxing is the most popular sport
The United Kingdom is the top Country where boxing is the most popular sport

Where is boxing most common?

Boxing is most popular in countries with a long history and strong heritage of the sport. Some of the most renowned nations where boxing is extremely popular and widely practiced include:

  1. United Kingdom: The UK is known for its deep-rooted boxing tradition, having produced countless renowned boxers and hosting many high-profile fights.
  2. United States: With a long history of boxing greats, the United States continues to be a powerhouse in the sport, staging significant events and developing top talent.
  3. Mexico: Boxing is a national passion in Mexico, with fierce and skilled fighters who frequently become national heroes.
  4. Cuba: Cuba is well-known for its rigorous amateur boxing programme, which constantly produces world-class boxers who compete in international tournaments.
  5. Philippines: Boxing is extremely popular, with Manny Pacquiao serving as a national symbol and inspiration to many new boxers.
  6. Puerto Rico: The island has a rich boxing history, producing world champions and devoted supporters.
  7. Kazakhstan: Boxing has grown in popularity here, with great amateur performances and rising professional success.
  8. Ukraine: Known for producing top-tier boxers, notably in the heavyweight class, Ukraine has a rich boxing history.
  9. Russia: With a strong amateur and professional boxing scene, Russia remains a major player in the sport.
  10. Ireland: Boxing is extensively observed and practiced, with a robust amateur boxing culture and well-known professional fighters.

These countries have thriving boxing scenes, bolstered by a devoted fan base, strong training programmes, and regular competitive events.

Why is boxing so popular in the UK?

Several significant elements contribute to the popularity of boxing in the United Kingdom:

  1. Historical Legacy: The United Kingdom has a long and illustrious history with boxing, dating back to the early 18th century, when contemporary boxing regulations were formed. This long history has ingrained boxing strongly in British culture.
  2. Notable Boxers: The United Kingdom has produced many legendary boxers, including historical greats such as Henry Cooper and Lennox Lewis, as well as current talents such as Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. Their triumph on the world scene has sparked national enthusiasm and pride.
  3. renowned Events and locations: The UK frequently hosts high-profile boxing contests at renowned locations such as Wembley Stadium and the O2 Arena. These tournaments draw enormous crowds and receive extensive media attention, keeping the sport in the spotlight.
  4. Grassroots Support: The UK has a strong grassroots boxing infrastructure, with various clubs and programmes nurturing young talent. This extensive accessibility promotes a continual influx of new fighters and keeps the sport alive.
  5. Media Coverage: The British media heavily covers boxing, with dedicated sports channels and magazines giving detailed coverage of matches, analysis, and fighter profiles. This consistent exposure helps to maintain public interest.
  6. Cultural Significance: Boxing is an integral part of the UK’s culture. It signifies more than simply a sport; it is a story of perseverance, tenacity, and personal success that resonates with many people’s values and experiences.
  7. Government and Sponsorship assistance: Both the government and commercial sponsors provide major assistance to boxing in the United Kingdom. Funding and sponsorship agreements enhance the sport by providing financial support for tournaments and training programmes.

These characteristics all contribute to boxing’s continued appeal in the UK, making it one of the country’s most beloved sports.

Where does boxing rank in popularity?

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world, with a large fan base in many nations, including North America, Latin America, Europe, and portions of Asia. Its attraction stems from its rich history, rigorous competition, and the attractive personalities of its athletes, all of which contribute to its long-standing global reputation.


As I consider the diverse tapestry of boxing’s global appeal, it becomes clear that the sport crosses geographical boundaries and cultural barriers, weaving a unifying thread around the world. From the storied boxing rings of the United Kingdom to the boisterous venues of Kazakhstan and the impassioned bouts in Puerto Rico, each country on this list has its own relationship to the sweet science. Ukraine’s rising stars and Ireland’s renowned boxers reflect the sport’s rich history, while Czechia and Uzbekistan show the sport’s growing presence in Central Asia.

The thriving boxing scene in New Zealand, as well as Russia’s formidable tradition, demonstrate the sport’s worldwide appeal. Finally, Australia’s ardent acceptance of the sport solidifies its position in this elite group. In this potpourri of nations, boxing emerges not just as a sport, but also as a significant cultural phenomenon that strikes a deep chord with millions of people around the world.


For making this list we used the help of Google Trends. If you want you can check each country’s boxing popularity by searching about them on the Internet. You can use various Internet tools to verify this.

Tell us what you think about this ranking of the top 10 Countries where boxing is most popular. If you find any mistake with our ranking or the post you can comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic. Share your perspective by leaving a comment below, and don’t forget to check out some of the related posts for more information about the most followed athletes from different sports on social media.

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Question and Answer

In what country is boxing the most popular sport?

United Kingdom, Kazakhstan and Puerto Rico are some Countries where boxing is most popular.

Where does boxing rank in popularity?

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the United Kingdom, typically competing with football, cricket, and rugby for public attention and support.

Where did boxing get popular?

Boxing is one of the most popular and extensively followed sports in the world, frequently ranking among the top sports in many nations, particularly those with a strong boxing tradition, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Mexico.

Will boxing ever be popular again?

Boxing’s popularity is set to rise again as it adapts to modern audiences through inventive promotions, fascinating fighters, and worldwide reach.

Is boxing one of the most popular sports?

Boxing is one of the world’s most popular sports, known for its rich history, intense competition, and intriguing athletes.

Is boxing popular in Saudi Arabia?

Boxing has grown in popularity in Saudi Arabia, thanks to recent high-profile boxing tournaments and greater investment in the sport.

Is boxing popular in Dubai?

Yes, boxing is gaining popularity in Dubai, as the city hosts big international boxing tournaments and attracts elite boxers for training and competition.

Is boxing getting more or less popular?

Boxing’s popularity varies by location but remains strong globally, with a consistent interest in key events and the rise of new stars contributing to its long-term appeal.

Where is boxing most popular today?

Boxing is most popular today in nations like the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines, where it has a large fan base, generates top-tier talent, and hosts a number of high-profile tournaments.

Where is boxing most popular in the US?

Boxing is most popular in areas like Las Vegas, New York City, and Los Angeles, which hold a lot of high-profile contests and have a strong boxing culture.

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