10 Countries where tennis is most popular

Countries where tennis is most popular

As a dedicated tennis fan, I’ve always been fascinated by how this sport permeates diverse cultures around the world. I recently looked over a list of the top ten countries where tennis is most popular, and I was struck by the diversity and richness that each country provides to the game. Here is a list of the top 10 Countries where tennis is most popular.

Join me as I tour these countries’ distinct tennis cultures and discover why the sport is so popular in each of these parts of the world.

Countries where tennis is most popular

RankingCountry Name
2Bosnia & Herzegovina
10 Countries where tennis is a popular sport

10. Slovenia is the 10th Country where tennis is the most popular sport.

Tennis is extremely popular in France, a country with a long history and strong affinity to the sport. I find it fascinating that France holds one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, the French Open at Roland Garros, which draws elite players and tennis fans from around the world. Tennis clubs are widely distributed, with the Fédération Française de Tennis supervising over 7,500 clubs and nearly a million registered players. The country’s passion of tennis is reflected in its strong junior development programmes and successful players such as Yannick Noah, Amélie Mauresmo, and, most recently, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Caroline Garcia, who have inspired many young athletes. Tennis is much more than simply a sport in France; it is an important aspect of the country’s culture and character.

9. Croatia is among the Countries where tennis is most popular.

Tennis is a beloved sport in Croatia, and I can witness to its enormous popularity. Tennis has been a part of Croatian sports culture since before World War II, with players such as Josip Palada, Franjo Punčec, and Dragutin Mitić dominating the scene. Croatia has many outstanding tennis players, including as Goran Ivanišević, who won Wimbledon in 2001, and Marin Čilić, who consistently ranks among the top players globally.

The country has produced prominent tennis players, including Nikola Pilić, Željko Franulović, Ivo Karlović, and Goran Prpić, who have all made significant contributions to the sport. Tennis is also popular in Croatia, as seen by the country’s hosting of many international events and its robust tennis infrastructure, making it a destination for tennis aficionados and a source of national pride.

8. Switzerland is the 8th-ranked Country where tennis is the most popular sport.

Tennis is extremely popular in Switzerland, mainly partly to the global success of Swiss tennis giants such as Roger Federer and Martina Hingis. Federer’s stellar career, which includes 20 Grand Slam titles and a captivating appearance, has inspired other Swiss to pursue the sport. Martina Hingis, a former world number one and triple Grand Slam champion, helped solidify tennis as a popular national pastime. The country has many tennis clubs and facilities, with the Swiss Tennis Association reporting over 160,000 active players. Major tournaments, such as the Swiss Indoors in Basel and the Geneva Open, draw top international players and ardent local spectators, demonstrating Switzerland’s longstanding love of tennis.

7. Austria is the 7th Country where tennis is the most popular sport.

I was shocked to hear that Austria is the third most popular country for tennis, with an average of 23,600 monthly searches for “tennis,” or around 2,620 searches per million inhabitants. This interest in tennis is not new; the Vienna Open has been staged in Austria since 1974, and the ATP 500 Vienna Open was elevated to its present level in 2015. Austria also hosts numerous more professional tennis tournaments, including the ATP 250 Kitzbühel and the WTA 250 Linz Open. The success of Austrian tennis players such as Dominic Thiem has surely helped to boost the sport’s appeal in the country.

6. Italy is among the Countries where tennis is most popular.

Tennis has seen a surprising spike in popularity in Italy in recent years, and I’m fascinated by how thoroughly the sport has woven itself into the country’s culture. Italian players Matteo Berrettini and Jannik Sinner have sparked national interest with their remarkable results on the international scene, notably at prominent tournaments such as Wimbledon and the US Open. The Italian Open, hosted in Rome, is a major event on the ATP and WTA tours, attracting large crowds and demonstrating Italy’s passion for the sport. Participation at the grassroots level has also increased, with more individuals enjoying tennis recreationally and junior programmes sprouting up across the country. This increased interest has resulted in the establishment of new tennis clubs and infrastructure, making tennis more accessible to a wider audience.

Italy is among the Countries where tennis is most popular
Italy is among the Countries where tennis is most popular

5. Australia is the 5th-ranked Country where tennis is the most popular sport.

Tennis is extremely popular in Australia, with 1.5 million Aussies using the courts in the year ending June 2021, according to the most recent AusPlay figures. This is a remarkable 37% rise in adult involvement and a 29% increase in youngsters playing tennis. Tennis surpassed 15 other hobbies and sports, including Australian Football League, basketball, and soccer, to become the fastest-growing sport across all age groups. Furthermore, 92% of Australian parents feel children should start learning tennis at an early age, and 82% understand the multiple benefits of tennis, such as physical fitness, coordination, confidence, and social skills.

4. Bulgaria is among the Countries where tennis is most popular.

Tennis is steadily gaining popularity in Bulgaria, thanks in large part to the success of players such as Grigor Dimitrov, who has earned high ATP rankings. His triumph has inspired a new generation of tennis fans across the country. Bulgaria has also invested in developing its tennis infrastructure, with numerous tennis clubs and academies springing up throughout the country. The Bulgarian Tennis Federation actively promotes the sport by organising a variety of national and international competitions. Furthermore, the growing media coverage of tennis events, as well as the increased engagement of young Bulgarians in tennis programmes, demonstrate the sport’s growing popularity in Bulgaria.

3. Romania is the 3rd Country where tennis is the most popular sport.

Tennis is a very popular sport in Romania, and I can witness to its vast appeal. Tennis was introduced to Romania in the late nineteenth century and has since become a vital element of the country’s athletic culture. The Romanian Tennis Federation, a member of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), administers the sport and has produced a number of excellent players, notably the legendary Ilie Năstase, who reached the top spot in 1973. Women’s tennis has also seen major success, with players like as Simona Halep, Virginia Ruzici, and Irina Spîrlea reaching top rankings and winning Grand Slams. The sport’s popularity is evidenced in annual events held in Romania, such as the Romanian Open and the Bucharest Open, which draw large crowds and highlight local talent.

2. Bosnia & Herzegovina is the 2nd-ranked Country where tennis is the most popular sport.

Tennis has gained popularity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, thanks to the international success of players such as Damir Džumhur and Mirza Bašić. Tennis courts and clubs have spread across the country, creating a thriving community of fans and fresh talent. The Bosnia and Herzegovina Tennis Federation aggressively promotes the sport through a variety of programmes and events, with the goal of developing the next generation of players. Despite economic issues, the country’s passion for tennis is visible in the growing number of spectators at local matches, as well as ardent support for national players in international competition. The sport’s ascent demonstrates the resilience and desire of Bosnian sportsmen and supporters alike.

1. Serbia is the top Country where tennis is the most popular sport.

I can verify that tennis is quite popular in Serbia, and it’s clear why. The country has produced some of the world’s top tennis players, including Novak Djoković, who has won a record 24 Grand Slam titles and held the number one spot for 373 weeks. His accomplishments have not only made him a household figure in Serbia, but have helped spread the sport throughout the area. Tennis is considered the “king of sports” in Serbia, with many young boys yearning to follow in Djoković’s footsteps. The country has produced prominent tennis players, like Jelena Janković, Ana Ivanović, and Nenad Zimonjić, strengthening its image as a tennis powerhouse.

Serbia is the top Country where tennis is the most popular sport
Serbia is the top Country where tennis is the most popular sport

Where is tennis most popular worldwide?

Tennis is widely popular over the world, but some locations have an especially strong passion for the sport. Traditionally, countries such as the United States, Spain, France, Australia, and the United Kingdom have been regarded as tennis strongholds due to historical significance, successful players, and the presence of prestigious tournaments such as Wimbledon, the US Open, the French Open, and the Australian Open.

Tennis has also grown in popularity throughout Eastern Europe, particularly Serbia, Croatia, and Romania, as a result of the success of players such as Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep.

Tennis has a large global fanbase, particularly in Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania.

Where is the most famous tennis?

Wimbledon, which takes place every year in London, England, is undoubtedly the most famous tennis tournament. Wimbledon is the world’s oldest tennis tournament, having been held since 1877, and is usually regarded as the sport’s most prestigious event. It is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, along with the Australian, French, and United States Open. Wimbledon is famed for its traditions, including the all-white clothing requirement for players and the grass court surface. The tournament draws top players from all over the world and gets the attention of millions of tennis fans due to its rich history, iconic venue (the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club), and spectacular matches.

Is tennis the most popular sport?

Tennis is a popular sport around the world, but whether it is the “most” popular sport is determined by a number of factors, including geographical location, cultural influences, and individual preferences. Tennis is extremely popular in several nations and areas, especially during big tournaments such as the Grand Slam events. In other parts of the world, sports such as football (football), basketball, cricket, and others may be more popular and widely participated in.

Overall, tennis is a major player in the world of sports and entertainment, attracting millions of viewers and participants worldwide. Its appeal stems from its combination of athleticism, skill, strategy, and individual competition, making it a popular sport among many enthusiasts.

Where is tennis most popular worldwide?

Tennis is popular all around the world, but it is most popular in regions with deep historical roots, robust professional circuits, and a culture that appreciates the sport. This sport is highly popular in the following regions:

  1. Europe: Countries such as Spain, France, Switzerland, Serbia, and the United Kingdom have longstanding tennis traditions and generate numerous top players. Wimbledon, Roland Garros, and other important tournaments in Europe draw international interest.
  2. North America: The United States and Canada have thriving tennis cultures, with several tournaments, professional players, and a significant population of recreational players. The US Open is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world.
  3. Australia: Tennis is quite popular in Australia, and the Australian Open is one of the Grand Slam competitions. The country has produced numerous world-class players and has a thriving tennis community.
  4. Asia-Pacific: Tennis is gaining popularity throughout Asia, with countries such as Japan, China, and India investing in its development. The rise of top players from this region has increased interest in tennis.
  5. South America: Countries such as Argentina and Brazil have devoted tennis fans and generate exceptional players who compete on a global scale.

Tennis has a global fan base, with pockets of particularly significant interest and activity in various countries.

How many Australians play tennis?

Tennis is a popular sport in Australia, with many participants of all ages. Tennis Australia, the country’s tennis governing organisation, conducts surveys and gathers participation data regularly. According to their reports, tennis has a significant fanbase, with millions of Australians participating in the sport each year, whether casually or competitively. Australia also has a strong tennis culture, as seen by the success of its players on the international stage and ardent support for big tournaments such as the Australian Open.


Reflecting on the top ten countries where tennis thrives, it is clear that the sport transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, uniting disparate people around a shared passion. From Serbia’s historic courts and Australia’s competitive fervour to Switzerland’s stunning landscapes and France’s vibrant tennis culture, each country on this list adds a distinct flavour to the international tennis community. As a tennis fan, I am impressed by the rich traditions and strong support that make tennis more than simply a game; it is a shared celebration of athleticism, perseverance, and worldwide brotherhood.


For making this list we used the help of Google Trends. If you want you can check each country’s tennispopularity by searching about them on the Internet. You can use various Internet tools to verify this.

Tell us what you think about this ranking of the top 10 Countries where tennis is most popular. If you find any mistake with our ranking or the post you can comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic. Share your perspective by leaving a comment below, and don’t forget to check out some of the related posts for more information about the most followed athletes from different sports on social media.

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Question and Answer

In what country is basketball the most popular sport?

Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Romania are some Countries where tennis is most popular.

How many people watch tennis worldwide?

Millions of people worldwide watch tennis, with viewership varied according to event popularity, the presence of top players, and regional interest.

Where did tennis became popular?

Tennis gained popularity in England in the late nineteenth century, particularly with the introduction of the Wimbledon Championships in 1877, which helped to formalise and promote the sport globally.

Where is tennis usually played?

Tennis is usually played on rectangular courts with a net strung across the middle, either outdoors or inside, on surfaces like grass, clay, or hard court.

Where is the tennis capital of the world?

Melbourne, Australia, is widely regarded as the world’s tennis capital, hosting the Australian Open and known for its strong tennis culture and prominent tournaments.

Is tennis a growing sport in Australia?

Yes, tennis is a growing sport in Australia, with rising participation and a robust grassroots development programme.

Is tennis growing as a sport?

Yes, tennis is expanding as a sport, with rising participation rates worldwide, increased access to facilities, and growing interest from new demographics.

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