10 Highest paid Indian players in IPL of all time – Richest Indian Players in IPL

10 Highest paid batsmen in IPL of all time - Richest batsmen of IPL.. 10 Highest paid Indian players in IPL of all time - Richest Indian Players in IPL

One of the main factors behind the success of the IPL is the Indian cricketers. Because of Indian cricketers, the IPL flourishes today. Indian athletes have routinely ranked among the best in the IPL, from legends like Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni to up-and-comers like Shubman Gill and Prithvi Shaw. The IPL is one of the most interesting and competitive cricket leagues in the world because of the passion and excitement of Indian players as well as their talent and dedication. This list will consist of the 10 Highest paid Indian players in IPL of all time.

Many best Indian players have IPL at some point in their carrier. In IPL best Indian players are always in demand Franchises don’t look at money while buying these cricketers. In this list, the cricketer who is at the 10th spot has earned 131cr/$23.8 million and the one who is at the 1st spot has earned a total of 282cr/$51.1million from playing in IPL. These top 10 Highest paid Indian players have played for 13 different IPL teams in their carrier. In this list, a total of 5 players have earned more than 30 million dollars from the IPL. 7 players are from North India, and 3 players in this list are from South India.

What is on the list?

This list will tell you the 10 Indian players who earned the most money by IPL. The money counted here is the salary given to the respective players for playing the IPL during eas season. This list has also adjusted the inflation factor to the amount as the money given 10 years ago is valued much more than that. The total list of teams they have played for in the IPL is also mentioned and along with the total number of seasons they have played the IPL for. The average salary they earned in each IPL season is also mentioned below. The list starts from here.

10 Highest paid Indian players in IPL of all time

NameTotal SalarySalary
(after adjusting the inflation)
Teams Played forNo. of SeasonsAverage
Shikhar Dhawan92cr/$16.7m131cr/$23.8mDC, MI, DC, SRH and PBKS168.2cr/$1.5m
Dinesh Karthik87cr/$15.8m137cr/$24.8mDC, MI, GL, KKR and RCB168.6cr/$1.6m
Robin Uthappa80cr/$14.5m149cr/$27mMI, RCB, PWI, KKR, RR and CSK159.9cr/$1.8m
Ravindra Jadeja109cr/$19.8m156cr/$28.3mRR, KTK, GL and CSK1510.4cr/$1.9m
Yuvraj Singh85cr/$15.4m163cr/$29.6mPBKS, PWI, RCB, DC, SRH and MI1213.6cr/$2.5m
Gautam Gambhir95cr/$17.2m175cr/$31.7mDC and KKR1115.9cr/$2.9m
Suresh Raina110cr/$19.9m180cr/$32.6mCSK and GL1412.9cr/$2.3m
Virat Kohli173cr/$31.4m249cr/$45.1mRCB1615.6cr/$2.8m
Rohit Sharma179cr/$32.5m271cr/$49.1mDC and MI1616.9cr/$3.1m
MS Dhoni177cr/$32.1m282cr/$51.1mRPSG and CSK1617.6cr/$3.2m
10 Highest paid Indian players in IPL of all time

About the players

Virat Kohli, who is third on the list, has made a staggering 173 crore ($31.4 million) throughout his 16 seasons with the Royal Challengers Bangalore. (RCB). After accounting for inflation, Kohli’s total IPL salary is a whopping 249 crore ($45.1 million). Rohit Sharma, who has played for the Deccan Chargers (DC) and the Mumbai Indians for 16 seasons, isn’t far behind with total earnings of 179 crores ($32.5 million). (MI). After accounting for inflation, he earns an amazing 271 crore ($49.1 million).

The list includes former Indian captain MS Dhoni, who throughout 16 seasons with the Chennai Super Kings and the Rising Pune Supergiants (RPSG) has earned 177 crores ($32.1 million). (CSK). Inflation-adjusted, Dhoni’s annual income is 282 crores ($51.1 million). Gautam Gambhir, another legendary player in Indian cricket, made $17.2 million in total throughout his 11 seasons with the DC and the Kolkata Knight Riders. (KKR). Inflation-adjusted, Gambhir is paid a staggering 175 crore ($31.7 million).

Raina played 14 seasons with the Gujarat Lions and the Chennai Super Kings, earning 110 crores ($19.9 million). (CSK). Jadeja has played 15 seasons with the Rajasthan Royals, Kochi Tuskers Kerala, Gujarat Lions, and Chennai Super Kings, earning 109 crores ($19.8 million). Robin Uthappa earned 80 crores ($14.5 million) over his 15 seasons with the MI, the RCB, the PWI, the KKR, the RR, and the CSK, while Yuvraj Singh made 85 crores ($15.4 million) throughout his 12 seasons playing for six different clubs. Throughout his 16 seasons with the DC, the MI, the GL, the KKR, and the RCB, Dinesh Karthik has made 87 crores ($15.8 million).


In this article, we will look at the 10 highest-paid Indian players in the history of the IPL.

According to the research, IPL clubs have paid a staggering 1893cr/$343m throughout the years to have these top 10 Indian players in their roster. Each player on this list has earned an average of 189cr/$34.3m from participating in the IPL. This demonstrates the enormous financial advantages that the IPL provides to its players.

The top 10 ranking has athletes from all across India, with three players from Delhi and one each from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu. It’s noteworthy to notice that three players on this list have won more than 200cr each by participating in the IPL.

Six of the 10 athletes on this list continue to compete in the IPL. Ten players are batters, three are bowlers, and three are all-rounders as far as their respective positions on the pitch are concerned.

The players on this list with the most IPL seasons played are MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Dinesh Karthik, and Shikhar Dhawan, who have each participated in 16 of the competition. In contrast, Gautam Gambhir, who ranks ninth among the top 10, has played in the fewest IPL seasons, with 11.

Shikhar Dhawan sits at the bottom of the list with an average pay of 8.2cr/$1.5m per season. When it comes to average salary per season, MS Dhoni leads the list with a whopping 17.6cr/$3.2m. Two of the players on this list earn an average of more than $3 million per season, which is fascinating to notice.


We used IPL to help us create this list. You may find each team’s page on the IPL website by searching their names. Their names are shown in the table above.

Please share your thoughts on this ranking on the List of the Highest Paid Indian Players in IPL History. If you identify any errors in our scale or the content, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear your views and ideas on the subject. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to read some connected blogs for additional information on the List of players from various countries in the IPL 2023.

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Question and Answer

Who is the Highest paid Indian player in IPL of all time?

MS Dhoni is the Highest paid Indian player in the IPL of all time.

Who is the Highest paid Indian player in IPL?

MS Dhoni is the Highest paid Indian player in IPL.

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