Namibia 2023 Rugby World Cup Schedule – 2023 Rugby World Cup

Namibia 2023 Rugby World Cup Schedule - 2023 Rugby World Cup

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up and be ready for an exciting voyage over the harsh terrains of rugby glory as Namibia takes center stage in the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Namibia’s national rugby team, clothed in their colorful jerseys, will go on an awe-inspiring voyage that promises to capture hearts and spark a fire inside, with the rhythmic sounds of African drums resounding through the spirit of the country. This list will consist of Namibia 2023 Rugby World Cup Schedule.

From the sacred grounds of Stade Geoffroy-Guichard to the electrifying atmosphere of Stadium de Toulouse, our valiant warriors will face formidable opponents, leaving no stone left in their pursuit of victory. As the sun sets, the heated struggle against Italy, New Zealand, France, and Uruguay will put our Namibian heroes to the test, demonstrating their unyielding commitment, unshakeable passion, and unrivaled sportsmanship.

So take your vuvuzelas, raise your voices, and let the world see Namibia’s unbreakable spirit as it marches courageously towards rugby greatness. Hello, Nako!

Namibia 2023 Rugby World Cup Schedule

9-Sept-2023SaturdayItaly vs Namibia13:00 P.M. CET/ CATStade Geoffroy-Guichard, Saint-Étienne
15-Sept-2023FridayNew Zealand vs Namibia21:00 P.M. CET/ CATStadium de Toulouse, Toulouse
21-Sept-2023ThursdayFrance vs Namibia21:00 P.M. CET-CATStade de Marseille, Marseille
27-Sept-2023WednesdayUruguay v Namibia17:45 P.M. CET-CATOL Stadium, Décines-Charpieu, Lyon
List of Namibia 2023 Rugby World Cup Schedule

About the table

Namibia will meet the strong Italy on September 9, 2023, as the sun dances in the sky. On the historic grounds of Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, located in the heart of the charming city of Saint-Étienne, our courageous warriors will demonstrate their abilities and give it their all. As the spirit of Namibia reverberates inside the stadium walls, the echoes of applauding supporters will resound through the air.

The trip, however, does not finish there. On September 15th, beneath the Friday night lights, our courageous squad will face the mighty New Zealand. A fight of power, strategy, and pure resolve awaits in Toulouse’s renowned Stadium de Toulouse. The country will be riveted to their TVs, pulses thumping. As they watch a match that will go down in rugby history.

As September comes to a conclusion, the scene will be prepared for another exciting battle. Namibia will meet the passionate French squad on September 21st in a match that promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Our soldiers will leave their hearts on the pitch, representing our country with unshakeable pride. While the explosive atmosphere of Stade de Marseille serves as the background for this spectacular encounter.

And on September 27th, when the sun starts to set, Namibia will play Uruguay. Ready to unleash their skills on the rugby pitch. The OL Stadium in Lyon’s lovely city of Décines-Charpieu will witness a match full of grit, solidarity, and a real depiction of the Namibian spirit. Our players will put on a show, leaving no stone left in their pursuit of success.

Conclusion about the Italy 2023 Rugby World Cup Schedule.

Hold on to your rugby hats, ladies and gents, for Namibia is set to make its imprint on the great stage of the 2023 Rugby World Cup! Prepare for an exciting voyage packed with passion, tenacity, and the spirit of our great country.

The Namibian squad will ignite the international stage with their unshakable dedication, sportsmanship, and indomitable spirit during this incredible adventure. They will make us proud, reminding us that our little but great country is capable of defeating giants.

So, let us gather behind our troops, paint our faces with the colors of our flag, and shout together since they carry a nation’s aspirations and dreams. This is Namibia’s turn to shine, and we will stand tall with each match, united in our passion for rugby and steadfast support for our beloved team.

Namibia, go out and let the world see the grandeur that exists inside our borders.


For making this list we used the help of the rugby world cup. If you want to verify our information, you can check it on the site mentioned above. The above schedule mentions the matches scheduled for Namibia’s national rugby union team. Tickets for the matches can be bought at the Tickets Rugby World Cup.

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Question and Answer

Which teams will play against Namibia in the 2023 Rugby World Cup?

Italy, New Zealand, France, and Uruguay will play their matches against Namibia in the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Italy vs Namibia 2023 rugby world cup match date, time, and venue?

9-Sept-2023, Saturday, 13:00 P.M. CET at Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, Saint-Étienne.

New Zealand vs Namibia 2023 rugby world cup match date, time, and venue?

15-Sept-2023, Friday, 21:00 P.M. CET at Stadium de Toulouse, Toulouse.

France vs Namibia 2023 rugby world cup match date, time, and venue?

21-Sept-2023, Thursday, 21:00 P.M. CET at Stade de Marseille, Marseille.

Uruguay v Namibia 2023 rugby world cup match date, time, and venue?

27-Sept-2023, Wednesday, 17:45 P.M. CET at OL Stadium, Décines-Charpieu, Lyon.

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