Top 10 most popular football players from Texas – Famous NFL players from Texas

Top 10 most popular football players from Texas - Famous NFL players from Texas

Howdy, folks! In the grand saga of American football, the state of Texas has always stood tall as a gridiron giant, producing a stellar lineup of NFL stars that have set the league on fire. This article will tell you about the most popular football players from Texas.

In this here article, we’re fixin’ to give y’all the lowdown on the “Top 10 Most Popular NFL or American Football Players from Texas of All Time.” So, grab your Stetsons and saddle up as we take you on a ride through the Lone Star State’s football folklore, all in one paragraph and with that good ol’ American drawl.

What is this list about?

Let’s get one thing straight: This list isn’t about how skillful or gifted these Texas-born American football players are. Nah, it’s all about how big of a splash they’ve made in the popularity pool.

See, popularity and talent are sometimes like peas in a pod, but our essay isn’t interested in the pod – we’re simply divining into the popularity pond. So don’t expect us to evaluate their abilities; we’re simply here to talk about who has the most fans in Texas.

Note – This list is based on data from the 21st century and talks about the popularity of different American football players from Texas in this century.

Most popular football players from Texas

PositionPlayers Name
11Kyler Murray
10Jalen Hurts
9Josh Gordon
8Nick Foles
7Baker Mayfield
6Baker Mayfield
5Dez Bryant
4Drew Brees
3Johnny Manziel
2Adrian Peterson
1Patrick Mahomes
10 most famous NFL players from Texas

10. Jalen Hurts is one of the most popular football players from Texas.

Jalen Hurts, a genuine gridiron virtuoso from America’s heartland, has a repertoire that makes pigskins sing and fans of the game scream his name like a holy mantra. Born in the crimson-hued state of Texas, he learned the art of the coin toss at a young age, growing up in the shadows of legendary football figures.

Hurts is a dual-threat dynamo with an arm that can fire a spiral to the moon and legs that dance through defenses like a Texas two-step. He got his start at Alabama, where he amassed titles like trophies on a mantelpiece.

He now flies with the spirit of Philadelphia, where Rocky Balboa once symbolized perseverance, much like Hurts himself. And, despite his early age, this emerging star shines brighter with each snap, destined to join the ranks of the game’s greats. Jalen, fly, fly!

9. Josh Gordon is one of the most popular football players from Texas.

Josh Gordon, a gridiron outlaw from Texas, is a football mystery wrapped in a conundrum, covered in skill. Born in Houston, he honed his football abilities at Baylor University before creating a name for himself in the NFL.

Gordon exploded into the spotlight with the Cleveland Browns in 2012, breaking records and earning Pro Bowl honors with a stride as fluid as a Texan two-step. Nonetheless, his trip, plagued by suspensions due to drug usage, resembles a thrilling rollercoaster across the harsh landscape of Texas.

Despite his troubled past, his name lives on as a football legend, forever connected with jaw-dropping receptions and the promise of unrealized ability. In the football universe, Josh Gordon is a brilliant star whose tale is still developing, waiting for its last chapter to be written on the vast stage of the NFL.

8. Nick Foles is the 8th most famous NFL player from Texas.

In the vast theatre of American football, Nick Foles, a gridiron magician from the heart of Texas, emerged as the ideal underdog. Foles carved his place in the pigskin legend by standing tall in the pocket with the calm serenity of a Texan gunslinger.

He wore the dark green of the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII, delivering an awe-inspiring performance in which he swung the pigskin for a stunning 373 yards and three touchdowns, becoming the first player in Super Bowl history to both throw and catch a touchdown. Despite his aw-shucks demeanor, Foles remained as modest as a farmer caring for his land.

His trip, reminiscent of a Wild West epic, took him to Jacksonville and Chicago, where he left an unforgettable imprint on each frontier. Nick Foles transcends the gridiron as a symbol of fortitude and the spirit of the American game, reflecting the unwavering resolve and optimism that is the essence of the American dream.

7. Baker Mayfield is one of the most popular football players from Texas.

Baker Mayfield, America’s football heartland’s fiery gunslinger, is as unpredictable as an Oklahoma tornado and as sharp as a properly thrown pigskin. This Cleveland Browns quarterback. Who hails from the home of Sooner pride, adds a dash of Oklahoma chili pepper to the NFL.

Baker dominates the field like a modern-day gunslinger, with the swagger of a Texan and the drive of an Oklahoman. And his arm is more accurate than a rodeo rider on a bucking horse. Baker’s path from his college days in Norman to the Dawg Pound of Cleveland is as wild as the Red River Rivalry. But his numbers are as solid as a roughneck’s handshake – nearly 30 touchdowns in his first season alone.

Baker Mayfield represents football’s fiery spirit, with the heart of a lion, and the arm of a champion. And the tenacity of a genuine son of the South, and is prepared to blaze a path in the NFL as brilliant as an Oklahoma sunset.

6. Michael Strahan is the 6th most famous NFL player from Texas.

Michael Strahan is a genuine American legend. A massive force of nature from the gridiron to the glittery domain of morning television. Strahan’s journey is the essence of the American ideal, with a gap-toothed smile as seductive as his personality.

He came into the NFL scene as a New York Giant for 15 seasons, terrorizing quarterbacks. And earning his place as a football icon with a Super Bowl ring to boot. But it’s his post-retirement turn that stands out.

Strahan smoothly transformed into a TV behemoth, co-hosting ABC’s “Good Morning America”. And dominating the daytime talk show circuit, with an infectious enthusiasm that could wake up the whole city of Manhattan. Away from the cameras, he’s a fashion enthusiast, suiting up in his line that’s as slick as his game-time sacks. This former gridiron gladiator turned TV powerhouse is proof that chances abound in the nation of stars and stripes.

Michael Strahan is the 6th most famous NFL player from Texas

5. Dez Bryant is the 5th most popular American football player from Texas.

Dez Bryant, a real gridiron gladiator from Texas’ heartland, is a football icon in his own right. He etched his name into the annals of the NFL with hands as sticky as fresh pecan pie. And a swagger to equal the Lone Star State’s most daring cowboys.

This proud Texan burst into the scene as a Dallas Cowboy. He became a standout receiver, collecting over 7,400 receiving yards and 73 touchdowns, earning him three Pro Bowls. He wore that star-spangled helmet with the zeal of a Texan summer. Cementing his place as one of the most famous Cowboys of the twenty-first century.

But, like a tumbleweed in the wind, he moved on to Baltimore. Grabbing touchdowns and hearts and demonstrating that Dez Bryant’s fire burns brightly no matter where he hangs his boots.

4. Drew Brees is one of Texas’s 4th most famous NFL players.

Drew Brees, the football powerhouse, is as legendary as gumbo cooking on a Louisiana swamp. Brees became the Saints’ savior. Driving them to their first-ever Super Bowl victory in 2010 with a right arm that could throw a pigskin like a Cajun catapult.

He bucked the odds and carved his mark in NFL history. Breaking passing records like a Mardi Gras reveler destroying beads. His tenacity and persistence, developed in N’awlins, are as renowned as the music that runs through the French Quarter.

And every time he stepped inside the Superdome, it wasn’t just a stadium; it was his cathedral. And each pass was a sermon, turning skeptics into believers. Drew Brees, a Crescent City maestro in cleats, left an everlasting impression on the NFL. Like the fragrance of beignets floating through the humid Louisiana air.

3. Johnny Manziel is the 3rd most popular American football player from Texas.

Mr. Manziel, the Texas football phenom, exploded onto the gridiron scene like a blazing Lone Star. Johnny Football, as he was popularly called, was from Kerrville, Texas. Where Friday night lights are religion and pigskin prowess is a heritage.

He created a path of surprise and astonishment in his wake, smashing records at Texas A&M University. Mr. Manziel earned the Heisman Trophy’s first freshman winner in 2012. He used his arms and legs to create masterpieces on the gridiron. Making opponents miss with a mesmerizing combination of elegance and blazing desire.

Despite his on-field talent, his off-field antics and fights with personal issues ruined his once-promising NFL career. Offering a sobering reminder that even the brightest stars may sometimes become lost in the wide Texas sky.

2. Adrian Peterson is the world’s 2nd most famous Texas NFL player.

Adrian Peterson, a real gridiron gladiator from Texas’ heartland, where football is nearly a religion, is a living icon in American sports history. He plowed his way through defenses with a fleet-footed skill that would make even a wild horse envy. He earned the moniker “All Day” for his unrelenting work ethic.

Peterson, who was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 2007. Wasted no time in carving his name in pigskin mythology, breaking records and spirits alike. His 2,097 rushing yards in 2012 fell just eight yards shy of the record. But it was more than enough to secure his status as one of the best running backs in history.

Peterson’s path has carried him from the freezing tundra of Minnesota to the blazing heat of Louisiana. Yet his steadfast quest for football greatness continues. Adrian Peterson is a tribute to the everlasting spirit of American football today, as he continues to defy Father Time and add yards to his already brilliant career.

1. Patrick Mahomes is the most popular football player from Texas.

Patrick Mahomes, the football wizard from America’s heartland, is the living personification of a touchdown symphony. The guy orchestrates pigskin ballets that defy gravity and logic while dressed in the famed crimson and gold of the Kansas City Chiefs.

He flung his way into the record books quicker than you can say “Barbecue sauce,” becoming the youngest quarterback to win both the league MVP and the Super Bowl MVP. He has that rustic charm in classic Texan flair, constantly giving back to his native Kansas City neighborhood via his organization, 15, and the Mahomies.

Patrick Mahomes is rewriting the story of American football one magnificent pass at a time, with a brain full of football fantasies and a right arm kissed by the football gods themselves.

Patrick Mahomes is the most popular football player from Texas
Patrick Mahomes is the most famous NFL player from Texas.


Texas has consistently woven some of the most compelling narratives in the vast tapestry of American football, and this elite list of the “Top 10 Most Popular NFL or American Football Players from the Lone Star State of All Time” serves as a testament to the Lone Star State’s enduring football legacy. From Patrick Mahomes’ unrivaled creativity to Adrian Peterson’s raw determination and Johnny Manziel’s explosive personality, these Lone Star icons have carved their names into football history.

Drew Brees, the master of precision; Dez Bryant, the epitome of grit; Baker Mayfield, the epitome of youthful exuberance; Nick Foles, a postseason magician; Josh Gordon, a symbol of second chances; Jalen Hurts, a rising star; and Kyler Murray, the new-age dynamo; each player embodies the diverse and dynamic spirit of Texas football. Their accomplishments and tragedies connect powerfully with fans throughout the country, crafting an unmistakable Texan tapestry that extends well beyond the gridiron.

These Lone Star legends have not only left an indelible stamp on the game but have also ingrained themselves in the hearts of fans, forever defining the soul of Texas football. That, my friends, is a heritage worth honoring.


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Question and Answer

Which is the most popular football player from Texas?

Patrick Mahomes is the most popular football player from Texas.

Who is the most famous NFL player from Texas?

Patrick Mahomes is the most famous MLB player from Texas.

Which is the 2nd most popular football player from Texas?

Adrian Peterson is the 2nd most popular football player from Texas.

Which is the 3rd most popular football player from Texas?

Johnny Manziel is the 3rd most popular football player from Texas.

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