20 Best IPL Captains of All Time – Who is the best ipl captain of all time

Best IPL Captains of All Time

In the fast-paced arena of the Indian Premier League (IPL), where cricketing prowess meets strategic intelligence, the role of captain is crucial. This curated list highlights the league’s best leaders, ranked by captaincy rating and achievements, and provides a captivating peek into the spirit of leadership in one of cricket’s most exciting tournaments. This list will include the list of Best IPL Captains of All Time.

From seasoned veterans like MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma to young prospects like Hardik Pandya and Sanju Samson, each captain’s journey is distinguished by a mix of victories, close calls, and the indomitable spirit that defines IPL cricket.s.

List of Best IPL Captains of All Time

CaptainsThe score they received on our research
Ms Dhoni95%(5 times Champion, 5 times finals and 2 playoffs)
Rohit Sharma90%(5 times Champion, and 2 playoffs)
Gautam Gambhir70%(2 times Champion, and 3 playoffs)
Hardik Pandaya55%(1 times Champion, and 1 times finals)
David Warner48%(1 times Champion, and 3 playoffs)
Shane Warne46%(1 times Champion)
Adan Gilrichst45%(1 times Champion, and 1 playoffs)
Anil Kumble30%(1 times finals and 1 playoffs)
Daniel Vettori29%(1 times finals)
Eoin Morgan27%(1 times finals)
George Bailey26%(1 times finals)
Sachin Tendulkar24%(1 times finals and 1 playoffs)
Kane Williamson23%(1 times finals and 1 playoffs)
Steve Smith22%(1 times finals)
Shreyas iyer21%(1 times finals and 1 playoffs)
Sanju samson20%(1 times finals)
Virat Kohli19%(1 times finals and 3 playoffs)
Virender Sehwag12%(3 playoffs)
KL Rahul11%(2 playoffs)
Rishabh pant10%(1 playoffs)
Faf du plessis9%(1 playoffs)
Dinesh Karthik8%(1 playoffs)
Best IPL Captains of All Time and Their Rating

How the list was made?

IPL win55
Top 2 in the league stage3
Bottom 2 or 3 in the league stage-3
Every win1
Number of matches captainedThis parameter was also taken in consideration
to reach the final rating.


This list of the finest IPL captains of all time, sorted on captaincy rating and achievements, provides an intriguing look into the league’s leadership dynamics. It emphasises the importance of not only winning championships but also continuously leading teams to the playoffs and finals.

Notably, renowned figures such as MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma emerge as epitomes of success, with numerous championship titles and participation in the playoffs and finals, demonstrating their acute strategic acumen and ability to inspire their teams to greatness. The diversified roster of captains, which includes seasoned veterans like Gautam Gambhir and Shane Warne as well as emerging sensations like Hardik Pandya and Sanju Samson, exemplifies the IPL’s long-standing heritage of leadership.

It demonstrates the combination of experience, skill, and tactical prowess that distinguishes these cricketing legends’ contributions to the league’s storied history.


We got the help of Google Trends to create this list. By performing a name search on the website, you may find out how popular is a player. Their names are shown in the table above.

Let us know your thoughts about this position on the list of Best IPL Captains of All Time. You can leave a comment below if you discover any errors with our scale or the content. Your views and opinions on this subject are quite welcome. Describe your viewpoint in the comments section below. Don’t forget to read some of the associated blogs for more details on the IPL 2023 squad of players from other nations.

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Question and Answer

Who is the Best IPL Captain of All Time?

Ms Dhoni has been the best IPL captain of all time.

Who is the better IPL captain Rohit Sharma or Ms Dhoni?

Ms Dhoni is the best IPL captain of all time.

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