11 Countries Where PSG is More Popular than Barcelona – Who is more popular PSG or Barcelona

Countries Where PSG is More Popular than Barcelona

In the world of football, club popularity crosses boundaries, typically reflecting regional affinities, historical links, and athletic accomplishments. Analysing the relative popularity of football teams in various locations sheds light on the dynamics of fan culture and the sport’s worldwide presence. This list will include the list of Countries Where PSG is More Popular than Barcelona.

The statistics offered provide insight into the relative popularity of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Barcelona in different French territories and abroad departments. By comparing the percentages of people who prefer PSG over Barcelona in different locations, we acquire a better understanding of football fans’ complex preferences, giving insight into the many landscapes of support for these legendary clubs.

List of Countries Where PSG is More Popular than Barcelona

CountriesPercentage of people who like PSG in between them
St. Barthélemy84%
New Caledonia79%
St. Martin74%
French Polynesia74%
St. Pierre & Miquelon74%
French Guiana66%
Countries Where PSG is More Popular than Barcelona


Based on the research, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is more popular than Barcelona in numerous French territories and abroad departments. St. Barthélemy, Martinique, and Réunion have the biggest percentages of PSG supporters, followed closely by Guadeloupe, France, New Caledonia, St. Martin, French Polynesia, St. Pierre and Miquelon, and French Guiana.

Mayotte has the lowest proportion of PSG supporters among the mentioned regions. This pattern indicates a significant preference for PSG across French regions, reflecting the club’s vast popularity outside its home base.


We got the help of Google Trends to create this list. By performing a name search on the website, you may find out how popular is a team. Their names are shown in the table above.

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Question and Answer

Who is more popular in the World among PSG and Barcelona?

Barcelona is more popular than PSG in the world.

In how many countries PSG is more popular than Barcelona?

In 11 countries PSG is more popular.

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