10 Highest paid openers in IPL 2023

KL Rahul will be paid INR 17cr/$3m for IPL 2023.Lokesh Rahul is the Highest paid Wicket-keeper in IPL 2023. Lokesh Rahul is the Highest paid opener in IPL 2023. Lokesh Rahul is the Highest paid Indian Player in IPL 2023. Lokesh Rahul is the Highest paid IPL captain in 2023.

Openers in cricket play a crucial role in setting the foundation for the rest of the team’s innings. They face the new ball and must navigate the challenging early overs of the game when the pitch is fresh and the bowlers are at their most dangerous. A strong opening partnership can demoralize the opposition and set a positive tone for the rest of the innings. Therefore, the role of openers in cricket cannot be overstated, and their success often sets the tone for the entire game. This list will consist of the 10 Highest paid openers in IPL 2023.

This year, the IPL teams have added several new openers to their squads, with some players earning as much as 17 crore Indian rupees or $3.1 million, while others are earning 7.75 crore Indian rupees or $1.4 million. The openers are among the highest-paid cricketers, as evidenced by this list of the top 10 highest-paid fast-opening batsmen picked up by 7 different IPL teams. All of the 10 highest-paid openers in IPL 2023, including one player from a foreign country, are earning over a million dollars, and 9 of them are from India.

Openers in the Indian Premier League (IPL) are critical to a team’s success in the tournament. With the format of the IPL being a fast-paced and high-scoring affair, openers need to score quickly and provide a solid start to the innings. Successful opening partnerships in the IPL often lead to big totals and put the team in a strong position to win the game. With the likes of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and David Warner being some of the top openers in the league, the role of openers in the IPL is highly valued and can often make or break a team’s campaign.

10 Highest paid openers in IPL 2023

Devdutt Padikkal7.75cr/$1.4mRajasthan Royals
Shubman Gill8cr/$1.4mGujarat Titans
Venkatesh Iyer8cr/$1.4mKolkata Knight Riders
Shikhar Dhawan8.25cr/$1.5mPunjab Kings
Mayank Agarwal8.25cr/$1.5mSunrisers Hyderabad
Rahul Tripathi8.5cr/$1.5mSunrisers Hyderabad
Jos Buttler10cr/$1.8mRajasthan Royals
Ishan Kishan15.25cr/$2.7mMumbai Indians
Rohit Sharma16cr/$2.9mMumbai Indians
Lokesh Rahul17cr/$3.1mLucknow Super Giants
10 Highest paid openers in IPL 2023

About the Table

In the upcoming season of IPL 2023, several top-notch openers will take the field with jaw-dropping salaries. Among the highest paid are Devdutt Padikkal, who will represent Rajasthan Royals with a salary of 7.75 crores ($1.4 million), and Shubman Gill, who will don the Gujarat Titans jersey with a salary of 8 crores ($1.4 million).

Venkatesh Iyer, who shone in the last season, will play for Kolkata Knight Riders with a salary of 8 crores ($1.4 million), while Shikhar Dhawan and Mayank Agarwal will represent Punjab Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad respectively, with identical salaries of 8.25 crore ($1.5 million).

Rahul Tripathi will join Sunrisers Hyderabad with a salary of 8.5 crores ($1.5 million), while the explosive Jos Buttler will play for Rajasthan Royals with a salary of 10 crores ($1.8 million).

The two highest-paid openers are Ishan Kishan and Rohit Sharma, both representing Mumbai Indians. Ishan Kishan will earn a whopping 15.25 crore ($2.7 million), while Rohit Sharma will be the highest-paid opener with a salary of 16 crores ($2.9 million).

Finally, Lokesh Rahul will take the field for Lucknow Super Giants with a mammoth salary of 17 crores ($3.1 million). These high salaries reflect the immense value these openers bring to their respective teams and the IPL as a whole.


This list provided some interesting insights into the state of the league and the preferences of team managers when it comes to selecting their squads.

The total amount spent by IPL teams to secure these top 10 openers was a staggering 107 crore rupees or $19.2 million. This amount is a testament to the value that teams place on top-tier openers and their ability to impact the outcome of matches.

On average, each player on this top 10 list is earning a whopping 10.7 crore rupees or $1.9 million for their services in the IPL 2023 season. This level of compensation is a reflection of the high demand for elite cricket players and the fierce competition among teams to secure their services.

Interestingly, the majority of players on this list were from India, with only one player hailing from England. Team managers in the IPL are willing to pay a premium for the services of Indian cricket talent, indicating a high demand for their skills in the league.

Another interesting trend observed in this list was the preference for younger openers, with three players on the list being under the age of 25. This demonstrates that teams are willing to invest in young talent and prioritize potential over experience.

However, it is worth noting that four players on the list were below the age of 30, while only six players were above the age of 30. The preference for both young and experienced players in the IPL indicates that teams highly value a balance of experience and youth and actively seek out players who possess a combination of these qualities.


For making this list we used the help of IPL. You can check each team’s page by searching their accounts on the IPL website. The table above features their names.

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Question and Answer

Who is the Highest paid opener in IPL 2023?

Lokesh Rahul is the Highest paid opener in IPL 2023.

Who are the Highest paid openers in IPL 2023?

Lokesh Rahul, Rohit Sharma, and Ishan Kishan are the Highest paid openers in IPL 2023.

Who is the Highest paid foreign opener in IPL 2023?

Jos Buttler is the Highest paid foreign opener in IPL 2023.

Who is the Highest paid Indian opener in IPL 2023?

Lokesh Rahul is the Highest paid Indian opener in IPL 2023.

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