10 Highest paid batsmen in IPL of all time – Richest batsmen of IPL

10 Highest paid batsmen in IPL of all time - Richest batsmen of IPL.. 10 Highest paid Indian players in IPL of all time - Richest Indian Players in IPL

The IPL’s batters are among the sport’s most dynamic and skilled players. They are vital to the success of teams because of their speedy run-scoring and explosive stroke play. The IPL boasts some of the finest hitters in the game right now, including Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and David Warner as well as emerging talents like Devdutt Padikkal and Prithvi Shaw. Ten of the highest-paid IPL batters ever are featured in this list. This list will include the 10 Highest paid batsmen in IPL of all time.

Numerous great hitters have played IPL at some stage in their careers. In IPL talented hitters are continuously in demand Franchises don’t look at money while buying these athletes. In this list, the cricketer who is in the 10th slot has earned 131cr/$23.5 million and the one who is in the 1st position has earned a total of 282cr/$50.6million by playing in IPL. These top 10 Highest paid hitters have played for 12 different IPL teams during their careers. On this list, a total of 5 players have earned more than 30 million dollars from the IPL. 8 players are from India, while 2 players on this list are abroad hitters.

Many stars have enthralled audiences with their spectacular performances and strong stage presence. Using their batting skills, players like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Suresh Raina have been the cornerstone of their respective teams, guiding them to countless successes. With their tremendous stroke play and match-winning talents, other superstars like Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, and David Warner have continually dominated the IPL. Their accomplishments speak for themselves, and they continue to encourage the future generation of cricket players with their amazing skill and passion for the sport.

10 Highest paid batsmen in IPL of all time

RankNameTotal SalarySalary
(after adjusting the inflation)
Teams Played forNo. of SeasonsAverage
10.Shane Watson77cr/$13.8m131cr/$23.5mRR, RCB, and CSK1310.1cr/$1.8m
9.Shikhar Dhawan92cr/$16.5m131cr/$23.5mPBKS, PWI, RCB, DC, SRH, and MI168.2cr/$1.5m
8.Dinesh Karthik87cr/$15.6m137cr/$24.6mDC, MI, GL, KKR and RCB168.6cr/$1.5m
7.Robin Uthappa80cr/$14.3m149cr/$26.7mMI, RCB, PWI, KKR , RR and CSK159.9cr/$1.8m
6.AB de Villiers103cr/$18.5m163cr/$29.3mDC, and RCB1411.6cr/$2.1m
5.Gautam Gambhir95cr/$17.1m175cr/$31.4mDC and KKR1115.9cr/$2.9m
4.Suresh Raina110cr/$19.9m180cr/$32.6mCSK and GL1412.9cr/$2.3m
3.Virat Kohli173cr/$31.4m249cr/$45.1mRCB1615.6cr/$2.8m
2.Rohit Sharma179cr/$32.5m271cr/$49.1mDC and MI1616.9cr/$3.1m
1.MS Dhoni177cr/$32.1m282cr/$51.1mRPSG and CSK1617.6cr/$3.2m
10 Highest paid batsmen in IPL of all time

About the Highest paid batsmens

First up is MS Dhoni, the former captain of India and current captain of Chennai Super Kings (CSK), who has earned 282 crores ($51.1 million) during the course of his 16 seasons while playing for RPSG and CSK. Dhoni, who is considered one of the finest captains in IPL history, has been key to CSK’s success in the league.

India’s finest batsman, Virat Kohli, comes third on the list with a remarkable 249 crores ($45.1 million) in earnings all through his 16 seasons with Royal Challengers Bangalore. (RCB). Rohit Sharma, the captain of MI and a part of the national side, is next in line. During his 16 seasons with MI and DC, he has earned 271 crores ($49.1 million).

The maestro of South African batting, AB de Villiers, is also on the list. During his 14 seasons with DC and RCB, he has earned 163 crores ($29.3 million). Suresh Raina, who has earned 180 crores ($32.6 million) throughout 14 seasons with CSK and GL, is directly behind him in earnings.

The former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir has earned 175 crores ($31.4 million) over his 11 seasons with DC and KKR. The elegant Indian batsman Robin Uthappa has earned 149 crores ($26.7 million) in his 15 seasons with MI, RCB, PWI, KKR, RR, and CSK.

In his 13 seasons with RR, RCB, and CSK, Australian all-rounder Shane Watson has earned 131 crores ($23.5 million). Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik has earned 137 crores ($24.6 million) during the course of his 16 seasons with DC, MI, GL, KKR, and RCB.

The Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan, who over the course of 16 seasons with the PBKS, PWI, RCB, DC, SRH, and MI has earned 131 crores ($23.5 million).


IPL has become one of the most popular and richest cricket competitions in the world. This is clear from the fact that the IPL clubs have paid a massive 1868cr/$335m to have these top 10 batters in their roster throughout the years. The list of highest-paid batters in IPL of all time comprises some of the greatest names in the sport.

The average earnings of each player from this top ranking is a remarkable 187cr/$33.6m from participating in the IPL. The list has 8 players from India, which is not unexpected considering the massive cricket popularity in the nation. South Africa and Australia have one player apiece on this list. It is noteworthy to notice that three players from this list have earned more than 200cr by playing in IPL.

MS Dhoni leads this list of highest-paid batters in IPL of all time with total earnings of 282cr/$51.1m. On the other side, Shane Watson sits at the bottom of the list with total earnings of 131cr/$23.5m. Five players on this list are currently playing in IPL, which illustrates their continuing importance and popularity in the sport.

In terms of the batting order, this list comprises 6 top-order batters, 2 middle-order batsmen, and 2 lower-order batsmen. It is also worth mentioning that 5 players in this list have played 16 IPL seasons, which is the most on this list. In comparison, Gautam Gambhir has played just 11 IPL seasons, which is the least on this list.

MS Dhoni had the highest average compensation per season of 17.6cr/$3.2m in this list, while Shikhar Dhawan has the lowest average salary per season of 8.2cr/$1.5m. Interestingly, two players on this list had an average income each season of more than 3 million dollars.


We got the help of IPL to create this list. By performing a name search on the IPL website, you may find out how much each team’s players earn. Their names are shown in the table above.

Let us know what you think about this position on the list of all-time IPL batsmen with the highest salaries. You can leave a comment below if you discover any errors with our scale or the content. Your views and opinions on this subject are quite welcome. Describe your viewpoint in the comments section below. Don’t forget to read some of the associated blogs for more details on the IPL 2023 squad of players from other nations.

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Question and Answer

Who is the Highest paid batsman in the IPL of all time?

MS Dhoni is the Highest paid batsman in the IPL of all time.

Who is the Highest paid batsman in IPL?

MS Dhoni is the Highest paid batsman in IPL.

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