10 Highest paid All-rounders in IPL 2023 – Best All-rounders of IPL

10 Highest paid All-rounders in IPL 2023 - Best All-rounders of IPL

Players who can bat, bowl, and field well are the real superstars in the world of cricket. It’s always amusing for the fans how a player can be good at every department of the game. The ability they have provides an extra option for the captain to have in their team without comprising their batting or bowling strength. Their importance in the game can also be measured by the fact that some of the most popular players in the history of the game have been all-rounders. Players like these have always been a major part in winning big tournaments for their teams. This list will tell you about the Highest paid All-rounders in IPL 2023.

IPL is no different from other cricket tournaments, All rounders are really valued very highly here as they provide a type of comfort to the team management. Their value is justified by their onfield performance they usually come in a clutch moment in the game and make sure their team stands on the right side. The balance they provide in the team without comprising one department is just surreal. IPL has witnessed some of the greatest all-rounders of all time with the likes of Andre Russell, Shane Watson, Ravindra Jadeja, and many more. Many of them got recognition for their performance in the IPL only.

Some facts about the All-rounders

This year has been a little better for the All-rounder as the player who is even 10th on this list will get a sum of 10.75 crore rupees ($2 million). And number 1 player on this list has broken all records by securing 18.5 crore rupees ($3.4 million) for this IPL. The top 10 highest-paid all-rounders will be playing for 6 different IPL teams. RCB, CSK, GT, and PBKS have 2 players each in this list. Another fact is that this list contains 2 players from India and the rest eight from different foreign countries. Every player in this list will be earning more than 2 million dollars each which is quite amazing.

10 Highest paid All-rounders in IPL 2023

10Wanindu Hasaranga10.75cr/$2mRoyal Challengers Bangalore
9Glenn Maxwell11cr/$2mRoyal Challengers Bangalore
8Liam Livingstone11.5cr/$2.1mPunjab Kings
7Andre Russell12cr/$2.2mKolkata Knight Riders
6Rashid Khan15cr/$2.7mGujarat Titans
5Hardik Pandya15cr/$2.7mGujarat Titans
4Ravindra Jadeja16cr/$2.9mChennai Super Kings
3Ben Stokes16.25cr/$3mChennai Super Kings
2Cameron Green17.5cr/$3.1mMumbai Indians
1Sam Curran18.5cr/$3.4mPunjab Kings
10 Highest paid All-rounders in IPL 2023

About the All-rounders

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most lucrative cricket tournaments in the world, attracting the best players from around the globe. One of the most exciting categories in the IPL is that of the all-rounders, who can contribute with both bat and ball. The IPL 2023 auction saw some mind-boggling bids for all-rounders, with the likes of Wanindu Hasaranga, Glenn Maxwell, and Liam Livingstone fetching prices upwards of 10 crores.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) made a statement by signing both Hasaranga and Maxwell, for 10.75 and 11 crores respectively. The Punjab Kings also made a big splash by acquiring Livingstone for a whopping 11.5 crores. The Kolkata Knight Riders secured the services of the explosive Andre Russell for 12 crores, while the Gujarat Titans invested heavily in the talented duo of Rashid Khan and Hardik Pandya, for 15 crores each.

Ravindra Jadeja and Ben Stokes, two of the most valuable all-rounders in the IPL, were picked up by the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) for a staggering 16 and 16.25 crores respectively. The Mumbai Indians (MI) shelled out 17.5 crores for the promising young all-rounder Cameron Green, while the Punjab Kings invested 18.5 crores in the versatile Sam Curran.


According to recent reports, the top 10 highest-paid all-rounders in IPL 2023 have received contracts worth a staggering 143.5 crore or $26 million combined. This clearly indicates the huge investment that the teams have made to secure these talented players in their squad.

On average, each of the top 10 all-rounders on this list will receive a massive 14.4 crore or $2.6 million for their services in IPL 2023. It is noteworthy that this list comprises two players from India, one from West Indies, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka respectively, three from England, and two from Australia.

Furthermore, three players on this list will be earning more than 3 million dollars for their participation in IPL 2023. Sam Curran tops the list, while Wanindu Hasaranga ranks at the bottom. Additionally, three of these players are below the age of 25, which highlights the increasing trend of young players excelling in the sport.

The teams in IPL prefer to have a mix of both young and experienced all-rounders in their squad. Out of the top 10 highest-paid all-rounders, six are below the age of 30 while only four are above 30. This shows that teams are willing to invest in young talent and build their squad for the future.

In summary, IPL 2023 has seen a significant investment in acquiring some of the best all-rounders in cricket, with teams spending over $26 million to secure the top 10 players on this list. The list showcases a mix of talent from various countries and age groups, highlighting the diverse and competitive nature of IPL cricket.


For making this list we used the help of IPL. You can check each team’s page by searching their accounts on the IPL website. The table above features their names.

Let us know your thoughts about this ranking of the List of Highest paid All-rounders in IPL 2023. If you find any mistake with our scale or the post you can comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic. Share your perspective by leaving a comment below. And don’t forget to check out some of the related posts for more information about the List of players from different countries in IPL 2023.

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Question and Answer

Who is the Highest paid All-rounder in IPL 2023?

Sam Curran is the Highest paid All-rounder in IPL 2023.

Who are the Highest paid All-rounders in IPL 2023?

Sam Curran, Cameron Green, and Ben Stokes are the Highest paid All-rounders in IPL 2023.

Who is the Highest paid foreign All-rounder in IPL 2023?

Sam Curran is the Highest paid foreign All-rounder in IPL 2023.

Who is the Highest paid Indian All-rounder in IPL 2023?

All-rounder is the Highest paid Indian All-rounder in IPL 2023.

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