Tripura players in IPL 2023

Wriddhiman Saha will be paid 1.9 crore rupees, which is equivalent to approximately $350k for playing in IPL 2023.

Cricket in Tripura has been gaining popularity in recent years, with the state producing several talented cricketers who have gone on to represent the Indian national team. The Tripura Cricket Association (TCA) has been working towards developing the sport in the state by organizing various tournaments and providing training facilities to aspiring cricketers. The state has also hosted a few domestic matches, including the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy and the Vijay Hazare Trophy, which has helped to boost the visibility of the sport in the region. This list will consist of Tripura players in IPL 2023.

This year, Tripura’s cricketing talent has been recognized by IPL teams, as they have picked one talented player from the state to join their squads. Despite the state’s relatively small representation, the players have managed to secure impressive contracts, with some of them being offered as much as 1.9 crore rupees, which is equivalent to approximately $350k. This not only highlights the potential of the players from Tripura but also underscores the high level of competition and the immense opportunities that exist within the IPL.

Despite being a small state, Tripura has produced a few notable Indian Premier League (IPL) players over the years. One of the most prominent among them is fast bowler Abhijit Dey, who played for the Kolkata Knight Riders in the inaugural season of the IPL. Another player from Tripura who has played in the IPL is wicketkeeper-batsman Udiyan Bose, who represented the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2013 season.

Tripura players in IPL 2023

Wriddhiman Saha1.9cr/$350kGujarat Titans
Tripura players in IPL 2023

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The Gujarat Titans have acquired Wriddhiman Saha for a whopping 1.9 crore rupees. Or approximately $350,000 in the upcoming IPL 2023 season. Saha is a talented player hailing from Tripura. And is all set to showcase his skills on the field for his new team. As a member of the Gujarat Titans, he will be joining a talented squad of players who are poised to give tough competition to their opponents. This acquisition is expected to bolster the team’s batting and wicketkeeping abilities, as Saha is known for his deft touch behind the stumps and his aggressive batting style.


The Tripura cricket fraternity is buzzing with excitement as the upcoming season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has enlisted one of their talented players to showcase his skills. The list of players from Tripura for the 2023 IPL season comprises a single wicketkeeper-batsman, the highly regarded Wriddhiman Saha. Interestingly, Saha has emerged as the highest-paid among the Tripura players, a testament to his skills and potential.

The IPL franchises have invested a staggering 1.9 crore rupees, which is equivalent to approximately $350k. To secure the services of these talented players from Tripura. Each player is expected to earn a handsome sum for their performance in the tournament. Highlighting the immense potential and talent that exists in the region.

As the IPL season approaches, all eyes are on these players from Tripura. With the expectations high on their contributions to their respective teams’ success. It will be interesting to see how these talented players perform under pressure, with some of them set to earn as high as 1.9 crore rupees, making it a defining moment in the cricketing journey of Tripura.


For making this list we used the help of IPL. You can check each team’s page by searching their accounts on the IPL website. The table above features their names.

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Question and Answer

When is the IPL?

This year IPL will take place in April and May.

How many Tripura players are in IPL?

A total of 1 Tripura player will play in IPL 2023.

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