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most popular sports in New Hampshire of all time

The gorgeous surroundings of New Hampshire, where rolling hills meet calm lakes and lush forests, include a complex tapestry of sporting culture. From the busy fields of football to the thunderous conflicts of American football, and from the peaceful greens of golf courses to the fast-paced courts of basketball, the Granite State is alive with athletic fervour. This article will tell you about the 10 most popular sports in New Hampshire of all time.

Sports become more than a pastime when the seasons change, from the frigid slopes of ski resorts to the sun-soaked tracks of running routes. Join us as we explore the diverse mosaic of New Hampshire’s top ten most popular sports, each thread woven with passion, competition, and a strong sense of community.

Most popular sports in New Hampshire of all time

PositionSports Name
6Ice hockey
2American football
10 most popular sports in New Hampshire of all time

What is this list about?

This ranking is based on how much people in New Hampshire like various sports. Not how excellent they are at them. It grades sports based on how much the audience enjoys and interacts with them. Rather than how talented the participants are. So it’s all about popularity and what people like, rather than assessing physical ability.

Note – This list is based on data from the 21st century and talks about the popularity of different sports in New Hampshire this century.

10. Tennis is the 10th most popular sport in New Hampshire of all time.

Tennis in New Hampshire combines the sharp beauty of its rural settings with the fervour of its urban centres, creating a vivid tapestry for fans. From the peaceful courts tucked in the White Mountain peaks to the bustling clubs dotting cities like Manchester and Nashua, the state offers a broad selection of facilities for players to practice their craft. The New Hampshire Tennis Association (NHTA), founded in 1957, is the sport’s heartbeat, organising tournaments, leagues, and educational programmes for players of all ages and skill levels.

Notable tournaments, such as the Seacoast Tennis Club’s annual tournament, attract competitors from all across the region, highlighting the state’s strong tennis culture. Tennis players in New Hampshire, whether on clay, grass, or hard courts, are immersed in a culture that values both the competitive spirit and the camaraderie inherent in the sport.

9. Lacrosse is the 9th most popular sport in New Hampshire of all time.

Lacrosse, a sport with rich historical origins, has a large following in New Hampshire. This sport, which is sometimes described as a hybrid between basketball, soccer and hockey, is well-known for its fast-paced and action-packed gameplay. In New Hampshire, lacrosse has grown in popularity as a sport that emphasises coordination, agility, and speed over pure physical power.

The state has embraced lacrosse as a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all sizes, emphasising the value of skill and technique. With a rich history rooted in Native American traditions and a modern adaption that emphasises teamwork and talent, lacrosse in New Hampshire exemplifies a vibrant and inclusive sporting culture.

8. Running is the 8th most popular sport in New Hampshire.

Running is more than a sport in New Hampshire, where the White Mountains lay their shadows over green valleys and meandering rivers. With over 900,000 acres of preserved property and innumerable routes winding through its forests, New Hampshire provides runners with an unequalled playground for exploration. The state has a thriving running scene, with events ranging from the legendary Mount Washington Road Race, a strenuous climb up the Northeast’s tallest mountain, to scenic trail runs along the Appalachian Trail.

Every autumn, the New Hampshire Marathon draws runners from all over to run along the beaches of Newfound Lake, while other races are held throughout the year to highlight the state’s natural beauty and hard terrain. With its clean mountain air and breathtaking scenery, New Hampshire offers the ideal setting for runners seeking both physical challenge and spiritual restoration in the Granite State.

7. Skiing is one of the most popular sports in New Hampshire of all time.

From the 1930s to the 1950s, New Hampshire was essential to the development of skiing as a sport in the United States. The state’s closeness to Boston and the fervent interests of Scandinavian immigrants, Dartmouth Outing Club students, and Boston-based Appalachian Mountain Club members helped it gain early notoriety.

Innovative Hampshire was the first American state to have down-mountain tracks carved particularly for skiing, innovative advancements in downhill racing, overhead wire rope ski tows, an aerial tramway, professional ski patrols, systematic ski-slope maintenance, and the first professional ski school. While New Hampshire lost its early lead to Vermont and western ski regions, skiing still has a large economic impact, accounting for almost $700 million in direct spending and 17,282 jobs in 2006-07.

6. Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in New Hampshire of all time.

In the heart of New Hampshire, where the winters weave a tapestry of frozen lakes and snow-laden forests, there is a profound passion for ice hockey. From the tiniest puck prodigies to seasoned professionals, the Granite State is deeply committed to the sport. New Hampshire, home to the legendary Dartmouth College hockey programme, has a long history of producing top-tier talent, with NHL icons like Ken Dryden and Rick Middleton honing their abilities on the state’s cold rinks.

Beyond the university level, communities across the state enthusiastically support the sport, with innumerable local rinks acting as gathering spots for families and friends to cheer on their favourite teams. As the temperatures drop and the ponds freeze over, the distinct sound of blades carving through the ice reverberates throughout the landscape, a monument to the everlasting spirit of hockey in New Hampshire.

Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in New Hampshire of all time

5. Baseball is the 5th most popular sport in New Hampshire of all time.

Baseball, commonly known as America’s national game, has a long history in New Hampshire. The sport became popular in the late nineteenth century, especially during the Civil combat, when troops used it to escape the horrors of combat. The Manchester Base Ball Club was the first organised team in New Hampshire, founded in 1865.

The squad followed the regulations of the National Association of Baseball Players, which was established in 1857. The sport grew in popularity, with teams such as the Manchester Black Sox and Portsmouth Athletes competing in local competitions. Baseball is a popular sport in New Hampshire, with numerous junior and adult leagues operating around the state.

4. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in New Hampshire of all time.

Basketball has a unique place in the hearts of the people who live in New Hampshire, where the fresh air and maple leaves dance in the autumn breeze. This sport is more than simply a sport; it’s a communal affair, from Manchester’s crowded metropolitan courts to small-town gyms across the state. New Hampshire has a long history of basketball, with noteworthy players such as Concord native Matt Bonner, who went on to play in the NBA.

The state also has a thriving high school basketball scene, with passionate rivalries fueling full gyms and inspiring young players to follow their basketball goals. With its rough surroundings and tough attitude, New Hampshire welcomes basketball as a popular game, incorporating it into its culture and character.

3. Golf is the 3rd most popular sport in New Hampshire of all time.

Golfing in New Hampshire provides a unique experience with a variety of courses that highlight the state’s natural beauty. Golfers can enjoy a variety of vistas, including rivers and lakefront settings, mountain ranges, and typical New England characteristics such as covered bridges and brilliant autumn colours, over the course of three months.

Each course in New Hampshire has its own unique appeal, making the state a refuge for golfers looking for diversity and beautiful scenery.

2. American football is the 2nd most popular sport in New Hampshire.

American football thrives in New Hampshire, where the bright foliage covers the landscape in scarlet and gold. Despite its small size, New Hampshire has a strong football legacy, with high school games drawing large audiences under the Friday night lights. The University of New Hampshire Wildcats get attention as they face difficult opponents in the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision.

Furthermore, the Granite State is home to enthusiastic amateur and semi-professional leagues that develop talent and create community spirit. Football in New Hampshire is more than just a sport; it’s a cultural staple that is firmly ingrained in the fabric of local society.

1. Soccer is the most popular sport in New Hampshire of all time.

Football is a prominent sport in New Hampshire, with several professional and semi-professional teams headquartered there. The Seacoast United Phantoms, a semi-professional team located in Portsmouth, compete in the USL League Two and play their home games in nearby Hampton.

The New Hampshire Fisher Cats, a professional team, play in the Double-A Eastern League and are a Double-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. These teams, along with other amateur and collegiate teams, contribute to the state’s thriving football landscape, which is bolstered by grounds like New England Sports Park and Delta Dental Stadium.

Soccer is the most popular sport in New Hampshire of all time
Soccer is the most popular sport in New Hampshire of all time.


Tracing the tapestry of sporting passions that runs across the geography of New Hampshire yields a variegated mosaic of athletic fervour. From the deafening chants echoing over soccer fields to the thunderous collisions of American football, and from the tranquil greens of golf courses to the frenzied dribbles on basketball courts, each sport leaves its own unique imprint on the Granite State’s collective conscience.

Skiing develops as both a leisure and competitive pursuit amidst the difficult terrains and snow-laden slopes, while hockey skates carve pathways of excitement over frozen ponds. Whether it’s the boom of a bat on a baseball diamond, the quick flip of a lacrosse stick, or the graceful rallies on tennis courts, New Hampshire’s sporting tradition lives on variety and passion. Despite this rich tapestry, one cannot ignore cricket’s ongoing legacy, which is deeply woven into the fabric of this sports-loving community. As the seasons change and the years pass, one thing remains constant: in the heart of New Hampshire, a passion for athletics burns brightly, a monument to the enduring spirit of athleticism and friendship.


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Question and Answer

Which is the most popular sport in New Hampshire of all time?

Soccer is the most popular sport in New Hampshire.

What is the most popular sport in New Hampshire?

Soccer is the most popular sport in New Hampshire.

What is the 2nd most popular sport in New Hampshire?

American football is the 2nd most popular sport in New Hampshire.

What is the 3rd most popular sport in New Hampshire?

Golf is the 3rd most popular sport in New Hampshire.

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