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most popular sports in Iceland of all time

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to go into the pulsing heart of Iceland’s sports spirit. Football is more than simply a pastime in our country; it’s a love that runs through our blood like the frigid rivers of our motherland. This article will tell you about the 10 most popular sports in Iceland of all time.

We’ll discover the raw force, finesse, and pure daring that feeds our athletic fervor as we go down this list of Iceland’s top 10, or should we say 11, most cherished sports. So put on your thickest parka, because we’re about to go on a sports experience as wild and untamed as our beautiful Nordic terrain.

What is this list about?

If you see my meaning, this list is an homage to the sports that Icelanders cherish. It’s less about how good a sport is and more about how warmly Iceland welcomes it. Popularity is like the North Star guiding us, like a cozy tavern where the drink’s appeal is as important as the company. But keep in mind that this work is about how these sports are embedded in the heart of Iceland, not the specifics of their quality or talent, you know?

Note – This list is based on data from the 21st century and talks about the popularity of different sports in Iceland this century.

Most popular sports in Iceland of all time

PositionSports Name
6Formula 1
10 most popular sports in Iceland of all time

10. Boxing is the 10th most popular sport in Iceland of all time.

While boxing is not as popular in Iceland as football or strongman sports, it has its place in the athletic scene. We may be little, with a population of just over 350,000 people, but our boxing legacy is tremendous.

Despite the severe Arctic climate, the sport has developed tough talents like our very own ‘ice Hurricane,’ Gunnar Barlund, who made waves in the world arena with his ice tenacity and vicious uppercuts. The unusual difficulty of practicing in sub-zero conditions has produced an unbreakable spirit among our fighters, who have embraced the art of’sbox’ (ice-boxing) to keep frosty under pressure.

While our boxing group is tiny, it is a close-knit family that punches beyond its weight, demonstrating that we are as tough as they come in the country of fire and ice. So, if you ever find yourself in Iceland, don’t be shocked if you come upon a boxing gym concealed among glaciers and geysers, since even the sport of kings takes on an Arctic flavor here.

9. Tennis is the 9th most popular sport in Iceland of all time.

Tennis may not be the most popular sport in the country of fire and ice, where glaciers meet geysers, but its popularity is growing in Iceland. Despite the frigid winds and sometimes unexpected weather, Icelandic tennis aficionados seem unfazed.

Tennis in Iceland is a genuine test of devotion, with just a few indoor facilities and an outdoor season shorter than a puffin’s lunch break. Nonetheless, the close-knit tennis community flourishes, building bonds on and off the court that are as solid as the volcanic rock of the island.

The annual Midnight Sun Tennis Tournament in Akureyri, held beneath the mystical glory of the Arctic Circle’s never-setting sun, is proof of their undying love for the sport. So, if you happen to find yourself on this distant volcanic isle, don’t be shocked if you come across a tennis court – just bring an extra jumper.

8. Gymnastics is the 8th-most popular sport in Iceland.

Gymnastics is a dance with the elements in Iceland, a delicate and strong depiction of a country sculpted by fire and ice. Iceland, known for its geysers and glaciers, has developed a distinct gymnastic culture in which performers replicate the fiery grace of erupting volcanoes and the fluidity of falling waterfalls.

With just a few gymnastics clubs distributed over the island, the community is small but growing. Icelandic gymnasts exemplify the tenacity of their Viking forefathers, conquering the bars, beams, and mats with the same zeal that pushed their forefathers to explore unknown oceans.

Despite the country’s tiny population, the gymnastics scene has experienced a boom in interest, fueled by a renewed interest in healthy living and the country’s breathtaking scenery that doubles as training grounds. Icelanders find the poetry of power, balance, and the timeless dance between fire and ice on their gymnastic adventure across fjords and lava fields.

7. Swimming is the 7th most popular sport in Iceland of all time.

Swimming is a passionate hobby in Iceland, the country of fire and ice, where geothermal springs steam beside glaciers. Taking a dip in Iceland’s outdoor geothermal pools is both a chilling thrill and a comforting delight, with water temperatures often hovering around 2 to 4 degrees Celsius (36 to 39 degrees Fahrenheit) during winter and a relatively balmy 10 to 15 degrees Celsius (50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit) in summer.

Whether you’re drifting in the strange waters of the Blue Lagoon, watching the Northern Lights dance above, or swimming laps at one of Reykjavik’s several public pools, you’ll soon realize that every stroke is an adventure, and every dive is a touch with nature’s extremes in Iceland.

6. Formula 1 is the 6th most popular sport in Iceland of all time.

Imagine a realm of fire and ice, where the boom of Formula One engines pierces the stillness of the Arctic air. A distinct style of Formula 1 racing flourishes in this enchanting land of glaciers and geysers, where the midnight sun dances on the horizon. Iceland’s Formula 1 course, created among lava fields and fjords, is a tribute to human ingenuity set against the raw beauty of nature.

The Icelandic Grand Prix, with just a few racing fans in a country more known for its Viking sagas, is a little event, but its attraction is irresistible. If you find yourself at the circuit, don’t forget to savor the world’s purest glacial water while watching the world’s fastest vehicles speed through this improbable racing sanctuary.

Formula 1 is the 6th most popular sport in Iceland of all time.

5. Basketball is the 5th most popular sport in Iceland of all time.

Basketball has grown as a fierce passion in the country of fire and ice, where the Northern Lights dance over the Arctic sky. Iceland has warmed up to the bounce of the basketball with amazing fervor, despite its chilly surroundings.

With a population of just under 400,000 people, it’s incredible that this little country has produced some of Europe’s most zealous ballers. The sound of shoes squeaking on hardwood echoes through the fresh air of Reykjavik, and on game day, the shouts from the audience create a unique melody that resonates across the lava fields.

Iceland’s basketball history extends back to the 1930s, and the country has one of the world’s highest percentages of registered basketball players per population. So, if you happen to be in Iceland, don’t be shocked if you come across an impromptu pickup game on a glacier or a passionate argument about the merits of Iceland’s famed basketball clubs like KR, Stjarnan, or Haukar.

Basketball is nothing short of amazing in Iceland, where nature and the passion of the game coexist.

4. Skiing is the 4th most popular sport in Iceland.

Skiing in Iceland is like trying to catch the Northern Lights on two planks! Our slopes may not be as high as the Alps, but they were carved by the ancient frost giants themselves.

Consider this: you’re gliding down mountains that seem to be wrapped in an endless blanket of snow, with only the delicate swish of your skis and the distant, haunting sounds of Arctic birds to break the quiet. Ski slopes like Bláfjöll are just a snowball’s throw from Reykjavik, so you can be cutting up the mountainside one minute and drinking geothermally-warmed chocolate the next.

What’s more, the finest part? Skiing here often extends until June. It’s a rare and frosty gem, similar to our volcanoes, geysers, and mythical hidden people.

So take your skis, harness your inner Viking, and tackle the slopes of Iceland, where each run seems like a story and the frozen adventure never stops.

3. Handball is the 3rd most popular sport in Iceland of all time.

Handball flourishes as the nation’s heartbeat, nestled within the harsh grandeur of Iceland’s untamed landscapes, much as geothermal energy heats its houses. With a population smaller than most European cities, Iceland has become a handball powerhouse, creating talents that shine on the international stage.

The country’s dedication to developing this sport is unrivaled; you’re just as likely to find a toddler holding a handball as a puffin on the cliffs. The clamor of supporters in Laugardalshöll, the country’s biggest indoor sports stadium, is reminiscent of the smashing waves on the black sand beaches.

Iceland’s handball triumph is a stunning display, much like the Northern Lights that dance over the winter sky. This little island country has etched its way into the annals of handball history, from Olympians to World Championship hopefuls, a monument to the passion and commitment of its people.

So, whether you’re in Reykjavik or the lonely fjords of the East, know that you’ve arrived in the country of handball giants, where the sport is as important as the glacial rivers that run through this enchanted area.

2. Golf is the 2nd most popular sport in Iceland.

Golf in Iceland is a one-of-a-kind and magical experience in the country of fire and ice, where harsh landscapes meet the ethereal light of the Northern Lights. You can put your way through a surreal round on one of the island’s more than 60 golf courses.

Surprisingly, the golf season here may go from midnight tee-offs in the summer to fresh, energizing games on icy courses in the winter. Don’t be shocked if you come across any inquisitive Arctic foxes on the course; they’re known to be avid golfers too.

The true enchantment of Icelandic golf, however, comes in its scenery: black volcanic sand bunkers, moss-covered lava fields, and vistas of faraway glaciers make every swing an exciting journey. So grab your clubs and be ready to experience the oddities of golfing at the top of the world.

1. Football is the most popular sport in Iceland of all time.

Football in Iceland is a phenomenon as distinct as the nation itself, where the majesty of nature coexists with the unpredictable character of polar weather. Iceland has beaten the odds to become a footballing powerhouse, despite having a population that could easily fill a mid-sized stadium.

The voyage has been nothing short of amazing, taking them from the volcanic fields of their birthplace to the great stages of international events. In a country where glaciers and geysers outnumber professional footballers, their 2016 European Championship run was akin to seeing the Northern Lights in July – an amazing rare.

The core of Icelandic football is grassroots development, where children kick balls in beautiful scenery and aspire to be the next Eidur Gudjohnsen or Gylfi Sigurdsson. When the Viking song echoes through the bleachers and the thundering acclaim of a fervent people reverberates, it’s a reminder that football is more than simply a sport in Iceland; it’s an unending, inspiring drama beneath the Arctic sky.

Football is the most popular sport in Iceland of all time.
Football is the most popular sport in Iceland of all time.


Now, have a look at this list of the top ten most popular sports in Iceland of all time; it’s quite the eclectic mix! From football’s raw force to golf’s finesse, handball’s booming echoes in our indoor stadiums to skiing’s delicate swoosh down our snowy slopes, and then there’s the rhythmic bounce of basketball reverberating through our schoolyards.

The Formula 1 may seem out of place among our glaciers, but Icelanders want speed as well! Of course, we can’t overlook the grace and agility of swimming and gymnastics. Tennis and boxing each provide their kind of ferocity and cricket, well, it’s a monument to our world perspective.

So there you have it, the top 10, or should we say the magnificent 11, showing the rich athletic spirit of this little North Atlantic island. Icelandic Skál to sports!


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Question and Answer

Which is the most popular sport in Iceland of all time?

Football is the most popular sport in Iceland.

What is the most popular sport in Iceland?

Football is the most popular sport in Iceland.

What is the 2nd most popular sport in Iceland?

Golf is the 2nd most popular sport in Iceland.

What is the 3rd most popular sport in Iceland?

Handball is the 3rd most popular sport in Iceland.

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