Top 10 most popular NRL teams in the world – Popular teams in the NRL

Top 10 most popular NRL teams in the world - Popular teams in the NRL

The National Rugby League (NRL) reigns supreme as a ferocious symphony of athleticism and emotion in the place where giants clash and warriors struggle. It is a place where valiant athletes dressed in glorious colors compete for every inch of holy grass with an oval-shaped god. With origins going back to 1908, the NRL is Australia’s premier rugby league championship, enthralling millions with intense contests and spine-tingling tries. This article will tell you about the 10 most popular NRL teams in the world.

The NRL exhibits a tapestry of raw skill and unshakable determination, from lasting superstars like Andrew Johns and Johnathan Thurston to emerging players like James Tedesco and Latrell Mitchell. The spectacle unfolds over 16 battlefields, with clubs such as the great Sydney Roosters, the unstoppable Melbourne Storm, and the fiery South Sydney Rabbitohs competing for ultimate victory in the NRL Grand Final, the biggest stage of them all.

It is a land where desire has no boundaries, heroes are created, and dreams are crushed with the sound of a whistle. The NRL is more than a sport; it is a monument to the tenacity and fierce spirit of those who dare to pursue the elusive victory that lies beyond the battlegrounds.

What is this list about?

These 10 clubs have emerged as the throbbing heartbeats of the NRL, capturing fans across the globe with their talent, passion, and legendary history amid the broad terrain of rugby league. From the Sydney Roosters to the St. George Illawarra Dragons. Each team has a special place in the hearts of its fans.

They weave stories of success, conflict, and undying allegiance into a thrilling tapestry of competitiveness. Whether it’s the thundering contests between the Penrith Panthers and Manly Warringah Sea Eagles or the Melbourne Storm’s unwavering domination. These clubs exemplify the essence of the NRL and serve as beacons of inspiration for fans far and wide.

Note – This list is based on data from the 21st century and talks about the popularity of different teams in NRL around the the world in this century.

Most popular NRL teams in the world

PositionTeams Name
10Sydney Roosters
9Penrith Panthers
8Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
7Wests Tigers
6Melbourne Storm
5South Sydney Rabbitohs
4Brisbane Broncos
3Parramatta Eels
2Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs
1St. George Illawarra Dragons
Top 10 most popular NRL teams of all time

10. Sydney Roosters is the 10th most popular NRL team in the world.

A squad that symbolises both elegance and force on the sacred ground resides in the expansive metropolis of Sydney, where the pulsating pulse of rugby league vibrates through the streets. The Sydney Roosters are an avian force that flies above their opponents, enthralling spectators’ imaginations with each fast and deliberate action.

With a long history stretching back to 1908, the Roosters have established themselves as rugby’s finest, winning a record 15 premierships. They wear the red, white, and blue with unflinching pride, exemplifying the principles of resilience, collaboration, and tenacity.

They are led by their acclaimed coach Trent Robinson. Their squad has talents like as James Tedesco, a dynamic fullback whose mesmerising runs leave opponents in the dust, and seasoned veteran Boyd Cordner, a behemoth in the front pack whose leadership inspires others around him. The Sydney Roosters, as an expression of passion and talent, continue to make an indelible impact on the rugby league landscape, permanently inscribed in the annals of sports glory.

9. Penrith Panthers is the 9th most popular NRL team in the world.

The Penrith Panthers prowled with vicious hunger in the heart of rugby league, where the mountains meet the sky, leaving their opponents in wonder and dread. The Panthers have established a legacy that reaches far and wide, with a history as rich as the land under their formidable claws.

Their ardent supporters, known as the Panther Army, paint the town in black and teal, howling with unwavering support. This tough squad has won throughout the years, winning the NRL championship twice, in 1991 and 2020.

The Panthers launched a relentless onslaught, cutting through defences like a brush on canvas, led by the brave Cleary tandem, father and son. Nathan Cleary, the prodigious playmaker, among their ranks, dances with the ball, creating complex patterns of ability and grace.

The team’s fearsome front pack, led by the indomitable James Fisher-Harris, bulldozes past the fiercest opponents, leaving a path of broken dreams in their wake. The Penrith Panthers stalk the field with a spirit as savage as their feline namesake, their flaming eyes set on glory, writing their narrative into the annals of rugby league history.

8. Manly Warringah Sea Eagles is the 8th-most popular NRL team.

In the midst of Sydney’s stunning northern beaches, where the rhythmic smashing of waves meets the soaring calls of seagulls, the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles nest of tenacity, perseverance, and unflinching spirit. This historic rugby league side, like the fabled birds they’re named for, flies into the blue sky of sports greatness, leaving a path of glory in their wake.

With a long history going back to 1947, the Sea Eagles have won eight premierships, cementing their place in Australian sports history. This feisty flock of sea-faring warriors embarks on each encounter with a hunger that can only be fulfilled by victory, led by the savage talons of their captain, Daly Cherry-Evans, and directed by the keen knowledge of their coach, Des Hasler.

The Manly Warringah Sea Eagles continue to exemplify the spirit of fraternity, solidarity, and strong resolve that has become associated with this legendary club, with a sea of maroon and white loyalists howling from the stands of Lottoland, the citadel that resonates with stories of success.

7. Wests Tigers is the 7th most popular NRL team in the world.

A pride known as the Wests Tigers sits in the whirling flames of the rugby league universe, where passion ignites and rivalries dance in a mesmerising waltz. This formidable squad was formed by the merger of two leagues, the Balmain Tigers. And the Western Suburbs Magpies, and roams the sacred grounds with stripes as bold as their passion.

The Wests Tigers shout with fervour, their stronghold Leichhardt Oval resounding with the cries of their passionate supporters. Their tradition entrenched in a century-old fabric. This strong feline pride has fought heroically through struggles and victories. Reaching the peak of glory by winning the NRL Premiership in 2005.

The Wests Tigers, led by their stubborn captain Moses Mbye, continue to imprint their mark on the league. Their journey an epic narrative of tenacity, brotherhood, and the unrelenting quest of greatness.

6. Melbourne Storm is the 6th most popular NRL team.

The Melbourne Storm are a turbulent force in the electrifying fabric of Australian rugby league. Where legends are born and dreams are broken. They have dominated the NRL with their unrivalled brilliance and the intensity of a tremendous storm.

The Storm have won the hearts of their committed followers since their start in 1997. Spawning a whirlwind of everlasting allegiance. They are a juggernaut of tenacity, challenged by hardship, with four NRL premierships, six minor premierships. And a 23-match winning run that will go down in sports history.

They’ve withstood storms of scandal, with their 2010 championship marred by salary limit violations, but they’ve emerged as unstoppable fighters. They embody the principles of collaboration and tenacity, led by the indomitable Cameron Smith.

Melbourne Storm, the mystery of the rugby league universe, is perpetually electrifying the holy grounds on which they walk.

Melbourne Storm is the 6th most popular NRL team.

5. South Sydney Rabbitohs is the 5th most popular NRL team in the world.

A sea of cardinal and myrtle rushes with a furious resolve in the heart of Redfern. Led by a past as rich as the earth they stand on. The South Sydney Rabbitohs, with their trademark rabbit logo, leap around the rugby league landscape with the grace of champions.

They were founded in 1908 and have won 21 premierships. Making them one of the most successful clubs in the National Rugby League. Legends like as Clive Churchill and John Sattler have left permanent imprints on the hallowed field of Stadium Australia, their spiritual home.

With a fervent support that bleeds cardinal and myrtle. The Rabbitohs are poised for triumph, leaving opponents in awe of their persistence and brilliance.

4. Brisbane Broncos is the 4th most popular NRL team.

The Brisbane Broncos, an unstoppable emblem of passion and strength, are located in the heart of Queensland’s rugby league kingdom. With each awe-inspiring stride, they electrify the historic Suncorp Stadium like thunderbolts on a stormy night.

The Broncos have won six premierships in their three-decade existence, leaving a legacy of glory carved in maroon and gold. The Bronxnation, their devoted fan base, ignites a cauldron of unrelenting devotion, their shouts resonating down the halls of time.

Legends have graced their pitch, from Wally Lewis to the unpredictable Darren Lockyer, who led them to victory. The Broncos exemplify the warrior spirit, the constant quest of win. And a passion for a game that unifies a state.

They stand tall, proud, and ready to charge into war, leaving a path of incredible deeds and great memories behind them.

3. Parramatta Eels is the 3rd most popular NRL team in the world.

The Parramatta Eels emerge as a symbol of unflinching resilience and inexhaustible resolve in the heart of Sydney’s western suburbs. Where the city’s lively energy converges with a profound love for rugby league.

The Eels burst through the NRL like a torrent of explosive energy. Making their imprint on the field and enthralling spectators with their unbreakable spirit. The Eels have a storied history spanning seven decades. Winning four premierships and showcasing an assortment of remarkable players like as the famous Peter Sterling and Jarryd Hayne.

As supporters assemble to watch the spectacular contests at the legendary Bankwest Stadium. Their fortress of dreams, the famed Blue and Gold shirt becomes a sign of unflinching support. The Eels’ booming strides and beautiful tries fire the atmosphere in every game. Reminding us that their quest for greatness is inscribed in the DNA of every player wearing the beloved jersey.

With the Parramatta River coursing through their blood, the Eels press on. Ready to reclaim the NRL crown, because their path is one of daring, fortitude, and an unrelenting devotion to excellence.

2. Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs is the 2nd most popular NRL team.

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs ascend with unwavering resolve in the rugby league heartland, where passion reverberates through every blade of grass. Their blue and white colours connect a community in steadfast devotion. With a heritage carved in the annals of the game.

The Bulldogs have left an indelible stamp on the sport. From the iconic Steve Mortimer’s gutsy leadership to Hazem El Masri’s immaculate kicking technique. Their home stadium, the historic Belmore Sports stadium, has seen epic clashes and triumphant victories.

They have a great track record, having won eight championships and creating several worldwide stars. The unyielding passion and toughness of the Bulldogs come through. A monument to their rich lineage and the steadfast hearts that beat inside the enormous kennel.

1. St. George Illawarra Dragons is the most popular NRL team in the world.

In a place where rugby league reigns supreme, where dreams are woven into a tapestry of grit and emotion, the St. George Illawarra Dragons burst from the fires, kindling the hearts of devoted supporters. The Dragons, formed by the merger of two strong families, are an emblem of the ferocious energy that unites St. George and Illawarra together.

The team’s trademark red and white colours stretch over the pitch, conveying the aspirations and ambitions of a committed community going back to 1999. The Dragons, guided by their talismanic leader, fly over the battle lines, fuelled by a record of success that includes many Grand Final victories.

Their spark is brilliant, igniting the fires of desire inside each player as they relentlessly pursue success. The Dragons, nestled amid the stunning cliffs and coastal splendour of the Illawarra area, represent perseverance, solidarity, and the unbreakable spirit of rugby league.

St. George Illawarra Dragons is the most popular NRL team in the world.
St. George Illawarra Dragons is the most popular NRL team of all time.


The National Rugby League (NRL) has grabbed the hearts and minds of fans all around the globe in the ever-changing world of sports. We begin on a trip through the harsh landscapes of love, devotion. And everlasting support as we investigate the top ten most popular NRL clubs.

Each club carves its own personality into the annals of rugby league history. Creating an unforgettable legacy that reverberates well beyond the confines of their home stadium.

Finally, this top ten list of the most popular NRL teams in the world exemplifies the power of sport to connect, inspire, and fascinate. From the Roosters’ steadfast support to the Dragons’ ferocious clashes. These clubs represent the spirit of rugby league, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of fans all around the world.

As the NRL evolves, these clubs will definitely continue to change the landscape of the sport. Inspiring future generations with their passion, ability, and unflinching pursuit of excellence.


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Question and Answer

Which is the most popular NRL team in the world?

St. George Illawarra Dragons is the most popular NRL team in the world.

What is the most popular team in the NRL?

St. George Illawarra Dragons is the most popular team in the NRL.

What is the 2nd most popular team in the NRL?

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs is the 2nd most popular team in the NRL.

What is the 3rd most popular team in the NRL?

Parramatta Eels is the 3rd most popular team in the NRL.

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