Highest paid Foreign Players in IPL 2023 – 10 Richest Foreign IPL Players

Highest paid Foreign Players in IPL 2023

Cricket, a game that unites people and spans cultures, has benefited greatly from the presence of foreign players in the Indian Premier League (IPL). In addition to demonstrating their unique skills and capabilities, these players, who are from cricketing superpowers like Australia, South Africa, the West Indies, and Sri Lanka, have also enriched the cricketing community with their extensive experiences. This list will tell you about the Highest paid Foreign Players in IPL 2023.

The scene is prepared for the highest-paid overseas players to take center stage as the IPL prepares for another season in 2023. With earnings reaching as high as 18.5 cr/$ 3.4 m, these players are proof of the tournament’s worldwide popularity. The top ten highest-paid foreign cricketers represent eight different IPL teams and come from both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

These overseas players have added a whole new level of excitement to the IPL with their relentless passion. Their outstanding abilities, boundless enthusiasm, and exhilarating performances have not only raised the standard of cricket played in the league but have also captured the hearts of millions of spectators across the globe.

These international players have made an indelible impact on the IPL, from towering fast bowlers who terrify batsmen with their sheer velocity to elegant batters who wield their willows with grace. Their athleticism, sportsmanship, and unwavering quest for greatness have made them cricketing heroes, garnering them not just adulation but also large wages.

International Players are the Superstars

Aside from their cricketing abilities, these international players have helped to develop a feeling of brotherhood and togetherness among the IPL’s different clubs. They’ve embraced the ideas of inclusion and collaboration, forming great ties with both their Indian and foreign colleagues. Their presence has contributed to a more cohesive and harmonious atmosphere in which players from all backgrounds work as one cohesive entity to compete for glory on the cricket pitch.

Furthermore, these international players have functioned as IPL and cricket ambassadors, promoting the spirit of the game beyond the confines of the playing field. They have been important in increasing the tournament’s worldwide popularity, luring spectators from all over the globe, and making the IPL a genuinely international spectacle.

The globe will be watching the IPL 2023 with bated breath, marveling at their abilities, praising their performances, and enjoying the varied and inclusive ethos of cricket.

10 Highest paid Foreign Players in IPL 2023

10Wanindu Hasaranga10.75cr/$1.9mRoyal Challengers Bangalore
9Glenn Maxwell11cr/$2mRoyal Challengers Bangalore
8Liam Livingstone11.5cr/$2.1mPunjab Kings
7Andre Russell12cr/$2.2mKolkata Knight Riders
6Harry Brook13.25cr/$2.4mSunrisers Hyderabad
5Rashid Khan15cr/$2.7mGujarat Titans
4Nicholas Pooran16cr/$2.9mLucknow Super Giants
3Ben Stokes16.25cr/$2.9mChennai Super Kings
2Cameron Green17.5cr/$3.2mMumbai Indians
1Sam Curran18.5 cr/$3.4 mPunjab Kings
10 Highest paid Foreign Players in IPL 2023

About the Foreign Players

The IPL is all ready to see a battle of the Titans as the highest-paid overseas players gear up to unleash their cricketing talents in the 2023 season. These players, from diverse corners of the world, are the cream of the crop, representing the peak of cricketing prowess.

At the top of the list is the explosive all-rounder Sam Curran, who is all ready to rake in a massive 18.5 cr/$3.4 m as part of the Punjab Kings side. With his blistering speed and explosive batting talents, Curran is a force to be reckoned with and is set to light up the IPL with his dazzling exploits.

Right after Curran is Cameron Green, who is projected to earn a stunning 17.5cr/$3.2m as part of the Mumbai Indians club. This youthful and energetic all-rounder from Australia has already established a name for himself with his strong exploits in domestic cricket and is expected to make an impression in the IPL.

The third slot on the list is taken by none other than the talismanic Ben Stokes, who will earn a cool 16.25cr/$2.9m as part of the Chennai Super Kings.

Nicholas Pooran, the powerful wicketkeeper-batsman from the West Indies, is another big-ticket player who will earn a cool 16cr/$2.9m as part of the Lucknow Super Giants club. Pooran’s ability to knock the ball out of the park with ease has earned him a darling among fans and analysts alike.

Rounding off the top five is Rashid Khan, the Afghan leg-spinner, who will earn a cool 15cr/$2.7m as part of the Gujarat Titans team. Rashid’s amazing ability to bamboozle batters with his cunning and fly has made him one of the most successful bowlers in the IPL.

Some more Foreign Players

The list also includes some other major players such as Andre Russell, Liam Livingstone, Glenn Maxwell, and Wanindu Hasaranga, who will earn significant payouts as members of their respective clubs. With such a star-studded list of overseas players, the IPL promises to be a thrilling and engaging spectacle, with the greatest cricketing skill on the show for the globe to watch.


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most lucrative cricket tournaments in the world. With teams spending millions of dollars to recruit top foreign players. The IPL has recently released a list of the 10 highest-paid foreign players for the upcoming 2023 season. Showcasing the vast sums of money involved in the tournament. The total amount spent by IPL teams to acquire these top 10 foreign players is a staggering 141.75cr/$25.6m. With an average salary of 14.2cr/$2.6m per player.

The list is a diverse one, with players hailing from various countries, including England, Australia, the West Indies, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. Four players on the list are from England, two each from Australia and the West Indies. And one each from Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. In the IPL 2023 season, two players on the list will receive more than 3 million dollars as their salary.

The top player on the list is Sam Curran, while the bottom player is Wanindu Hasaranga. Notably, four players in the list are below the age of 25, with teams showing a preference for young foreign cricketers. In fact, seven players on the list are below the age of 30, while only three are above the age of 30.

The high salaries and diverse origins of these foreign players demonstrate the global appeal of the IPL and its ability to attract top talent from around the world. The league continues to grow in popularity and profitability, thanks in large part to the contributions of these foreign players.


For making this list we used the help of IPL. You can check each team’s page by searching their accounts on the IPL website. The table above features their names.

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Question and Answer

Who is the Highest paid Foreign Player in IPL 2023?

Sam Curran is the Highest paid Foreign Player in IPL 2023.

Who are the Highest paid Foreign Players in IPL 2023?

Sam Curran, Cameron Green, and Ben Stokes are the Highest paid Foreign Players in IPL 2023.

Who is the Highest paid foreign cricketer in IPL 2023?

Sam Curran is the Highest paid foreign cricketer in IPL 2023.

Who are the Highest paid foreign cricketers in IPL 2023?

Sam Curran, Cameron Green, and Ben Stokes are the Highest paid foreign cricketers in IPL 2023.

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