10 Countries where golf is the most popular sport

Countries where golf is the most popular sport

As an avid golfer, I’ve always been fascinated by how the love of the game crosses boundaries and cultures. Recently, I discovered an intriguing list of the top ten countries where golf is the most popular sport. Here is a list of the top 10 Countries where golf is the most popular sport.

From the birthplaces of golf in Ireland and the United Kingdom to the picturesque courses of New Zealand and Canada, each country adds its own distinct flavour to the game. Join me as I explore these golfing havens and discover what makes each one a popular destination for golfers all around the world.

Countries where golf is the most popular sport

RankingCountry Name
9South Africa
3New Zealand
2United Kingdom
10 Countries where golf is the most popular sport

10. Finland is the 10th Country where golf is the most popular sport.

Golf has been extremely popular in Finland in recent decades. When I look at the data, I notice that there are now over 150 golf courses in the country, serving over 150,000 registered golfers. Finland’s long summer days, with the light hardly setting, make it a great atmosphere for the sport, allowing fans to play late into the night. Major golf tournaments, such as the Finnish Open, have increased interest and involvement in the sport. Furthermore, Finland’s commitment to environmental sustainability has resulted in the creation of eco-friendly golf courses that cater to a wide range of audiences. The sport’s popularity is also reflected in the growing number of junior golfers and female participation, demonstrating golf’s expanding reach across many demographics in Finland.

9. South Africa is among the Countries where golf is the most popular sport.

I’ve always been interested by golf’s appeal in South Africa. The country has a long history of producing world-class golfers, with numerous victories in major events. For example, Bobby Locke won the British Open four times, while Gary Player, a nine-time major champion, is widely recognised as one of golf’s best players of all time. Some of the most renowned South African golfers to win majors include Ernie Els, Retief Goosen, Trevor Immelman, Louis Oosthuizen, and Charl Schwartzel. The Sunshine Tour, based in South Africa, has attracted a number of notable international golfers, and the European Tour has sanctioned many tournaments since the 1990s. South Africa’s gorgeous courses and great weather have made it a popular destination for golf fans, and its golfing culture is thriving.

8. Sweden is the 8th-ranked Country where golf is the most popular sport.

Golf is extremely popular in Sweden, and I’ve seen how it has become an integral part of Swedish culture. With over 500 golf facilities around the country and approximately 500,000 active players, Sweden has one of the highest per capita rates of golf involvement in the world. The long summer days allow for extended playtime, which contributes to the sport’s appeal. Sweden has also produced some world-class golfers, like Annika Sörenstam and Henrik Stenson, who have inspired many to pursue the sport. Furthermore, Swedish golf clubs are regarded as being inclusive, providing accessible alternatives for families and young players, which adds to the sport’s popularity.

7. Japan is the 7th Country where golf is the most popular sport.

As I explore the fascinating world of golf in Japan, I am struck by the country’s rich history and lasting love of the sport. Golf has been an important element of Japanese society since the early 1900s, with the first nine-hole course debuting in Kobe in 1903. Today, Japan has an astounding 2,227 golf courses, second only to the United States in terms of course supply. Despite a drop in popularity in the 1990s, golf has thrived, with the country’s golf business adjusting to attract a new generation of players. Hideki Matsuyama’s recent victory at the 2021 US Masters has reignited interest in the sport, and I am eager to see how this momentum will affect the future of golf in Japan.

6. USA is among the Countries where golf is the most popular sport.

Golf is extremely popular in the United States, with around 24 million individuals enjoying the sport in 2022 alone. I find it amazing that the country has over 15,000 golf courses, the most of any country, catering to golfers of all abilities. The sport’s popularity is reflected in big tournaments such as The Masters and the U.S. Open, which draw millions of viewers and offer substantial prize money. What I find particularly noteworthy is that golf has a substantial economic impact, giving roughly $85 billion to the US economy each year through tourism, job creation, and item sales. Its popularity transcends decades, making it a cornerstone of American sports culture.

USA is among the Countries where golf is the most popular sport
The USA is among the Countries where golf is the most popular sport

5. Australia is the 8th-ranked Country where golf is the most popular sport.

I’m excited to report that golf is thriving in Australia, with over 2.7 million players, including 1.5 million on courses and 1.2 million at driving ranges, mini-golf facilities, and simulators. The sport has grown significantly, with club memberships up 2.7% in the last year and social club membership up 8.9%. Women and junior golfers have also grown significantly, with a 65% increase in the Get into Golf programme for adults and a 13% increase in the MyGolf programme for kids. According to the Australian Sports Commission’s AusPlay data, there has been a 33% increase in persons identifying as golfers since pre-COVID levels, cementing golf’s status as one of the country’s most popular sports.

4. Canada is among the Countries where golf is the most popular sport.

Golf is quite popular in Canada, and I’ve seen that it’s more than simply a recreational activity; it’s a national obsession. With approximately 2,300 courses distributed across the country, Canada has one of the greatest golf course densities per population in the world. This sport draws over 5.7 million Canadians, making it the most popular sport in the country. The summer months see an increase in activity on the greens, and it is not limited to the elderly; young people and families are also participating. From tiny courses to famous competitions like the RBC Canadian Open, Canada’s golfing culture is dynamic and inclusive, reflecting the country’s love of the game and the great outdoors.

3. New Zealand is the 3rd Country where golf is the most popular sport.

As I explore the world of golf in New Zealand, I am impressed by its incredible popularity. Golf is the country’s most popular sport, with over 482,000 adults participating each year, and there are 393 courses, the second-highest number per capita globally. The sport has grown significantly, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic, with a record number of players of all ages and abilities now registered, and initiatives such as Golf New Zealand’s participation programmes focusing on social interaction and fun aspects of the game are helping to fuel this surge.

2. The United Kingdom is the 2nd-ranked Country where golf is the most popular sport.

Many people in the United Kingdom hold golf in high regard, owing to its long history and vast popularity. The United Kingdom is the birthplace of golf, with the Old Course at St Andrews dating back to the 15th century, and it has over 2,500 golf courses, making it one of the countries with the most courses per population. This popularity is demonstrated by the high participation rates, with millions of people playing the sport regularly, as well as the enormous spectator interest in famous tournaments such as The Open Championship, which draws global audiences. Furthermore, the sport’s influence extends into culture and media, with golf tourism adding significantly to the economy by luring enthusiasts eager to visit the ancient and iconic courses firsthand.

1. Ireland is the top Country where golf is the most popular sport.

As I delve into the world of golf in Ireland, I am struck by the Irish people’s excitement and dedication to the sport. With over 400 golf clubs and courses spread over the island, it’s no surprise that Ireland has 51% of all European golf courses and 43% of all registered golfers, but only accounting for 15% of Europe’s population. The country is home to some of the world’s most renowned golf courses, including Royal County Down, Royal Portrush, and Ballybunion, which are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also provide distinctive links-style challenges.

What fascinates me most is that golf in Ireland is not only for the wealthy; it is available to people of all incomes, with numerous public courses inviting visitors and giving reasonable pricing. This open attitude has helped golf become one of Ireland’s most popular sports, particularly among older persons who value the physical and mental health benefits it offers.

Ireland is the top Country where golf is the most popular sport
Ireland is the top Country where golf is the most popular sport

Where is golf the most popular sport?

Golf is extremely popular in many nations around the world, with each adding its own distinct charm and fervour to the game. The top ten countries where golf is most popular include:

  1. Ireland is known for its classic courses and long-standing golf traditions.
  2. United Kingdom – The cradle of golf, including legendary courses like St. Andrews.
  3. New Zealand – Renowned for its breathtaking scenery and high participation rates.
  4. Canada – Has a huge number of courses and active players.
  5. Australia – Has a varied assortment of courses and a thriving golf community.
  6. USA – Has many world-class courses and a large following.
  7. Japan – Golf is a popular pastime with a distinct cultural background.
  8. Sweden – Renowned for its well-kept courses and enthusiastic golfers.
  9. South Africa – Home to stunning courses and a rich golf history.
  10. Finland – Golf is gaining popularity, with numerous attractive courses.

These countries not only support golf as a sport but also as a way of life, which contributes to the game’s global expansion and popularity.

Where is golf popular in the UK?

Golf is popular throughout the United Kingdom, having a rich history and a large number of courses spread out across the country. Scotland, generally considered the birthplace of golf, is home to some of the world’s most renowned and historic courses, including St. Andrews, Royal Troon, and Muirfield. In England, Surrey, Kent, and Lancashire are well-known for their concentration of excellent golf courses. Wales and Northern Ireland also feature attractive and tough courses, which contribute to golf’s overall popularity in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the UK organises several prestigious golf competitions, notably The Open Championship, which alternates between various venues in the country.

Is golf a popular sport in Spain?

Yes, golf is a popular sport in Spain. The country has a large number of golf courses, many of which are spread over Andalusia, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, and the Canaries. Spain has produced elite golfers such as Seve Ballesteros, José María Olazábal, and Sergio Garcia, who have earned national and international success.

The temperature in many parts of Spain is ideal for golf, attracting both locals and tourists seeking to play the sport in a gorgeous setting. Spain sponsors professional golf tournaments including the Andalucía Valderrama Masters and the Spanish Open, demonstrating the country’s devotion for the sport.

How many countries play golf?

Golf is played in many countries around the world, making it a truly global sport. Golf, while not as popular as football or basketball, has a major presence in many countries across all continents. The actual number of nations where golf is played can be difficult to ascertain because it depends on factors such as course availability, local interest, and cultural influences. However, it is safe to state that golf is popular in hundreds of nations around the world, with millions of people participating in some capacity.


Reflecting on the top ten countries where golf reigns supreme, it’s remarkable to see such a broad range of cultures linked by a common love of the game. From the lush, rolling greens of Ireland and the United Kingdom, where golf’s legendary history began, to the breathtaking vistas of New Zealand and Canada, each country provides a distinct setting that adds to the sport’s attractiveness. Golf’s global reach is further proven by its popularity in Australia, the United States, Japan, Sweden, South Africa, and Finland, demonstrating the sport’s universal appeal and capacity to unite people from all over the world. This unusual blend demonstrates not only golf’s enormous popularity, but also its importance in promoting community, competitiveness, and companionship on a truly global scale.


For making this list we used the help of Google Trends. If you want you can check each country’s golf popularity by searching about them on the Internet. You can use various Internet tools to verify this.

Tell us what you think about this ranking of the top 10 Countries where golf is the most popular sport. If you find any mistake with our ranking or the post you can comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic. Share your perspective by leaving a comment below, and don’t forget to check out some of the related posts for more information about the most followed athletes from different sports on social media.

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Question and Answer

In what country is rugby the most popular sport?

Ireland, United Kingdom and New Zealand are some countries where golf is the most popular sport.

Is golf a growing sport in the UK?

Yes, golf is growing in the UK, thanks to better accessibility, novel formats, and initiatives to attract younger players.

Is golf an Olympic sport?

Yes, golf is an Olympic sport, having returned to the programme in 2016 after a 112-year absence.

How many Chinese play golf?

The number of Chinese golfers has continuously increased, with estimates varying from several million to tens of millions, indicating a growing interest in the sport throughout the country.

Is golf one of the most popular sports in Britain?

While golf has a committed following and a long history in Britain, it may not be regarded one of the most popular sports in terms of participation or viewership when compared to football or rugby.

What is the biggest British golf tournament?

The Open Championship, also known as The Open, is one of golf’s four major tournaments and the oldest in professional golf.

Is golf a popular sport in Japan?

Yes, golf is a popular sport in Japan, with a large number of enthusiasts and numerous golf courses throughout the country.

How many play golf in Germany?

Golf is a popular leisure and sporting activity in Germany, with an estimated 0.9 to 1.1 million people participating.

How many people play golf internationally?

Golf is played by millions of people around the world, making it one of the most popular recreational and competitive sports.

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