10 least followed football teams on Instagram

we brought you a list of the Top 10 most followed teams on Instagram at the Qatar world cup. But there are many teams in this year’s world cup who either are playing the world cup for the first time or have not performed well in the world cup in past times or there are many countries where football is not very famous. Yet they are not followed very much by their fans. Today in this list I will show you the Top 10 teams with the least number of Instagram followers in this year’s FIFA world cup 2022.

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Brazil football team

10 most followed national football teams on Instagram

In the whole world, almost 2.3 billion people use Instagram and these fans want to show their support towards their national side in anyways possible. They like to follow their national teams on Instagram to get every bit of information about their team and in another way can stay connected with their team by knowing everything possible about their team. They follow their team on Instagram and like their posts on Instagram to show support in another way. Here is a list of the top 10 most followed national teams on Instagram at the FIFA world cup 2022 in Qatar.

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